WINTER ROSES … never too late…

This was first posted last year and this year is no different except that right now I can send you extreme quality bare-rooted roses – truly, it’s NEVER TOO LATE to plant roses!!!!:  

No, it’s not too late to order bare-rooted roses … just log onto and I can assure you, I will post you the most beautiful winter roses which have been in their pots for a few weeks, have established roots and lovely new shoots.

I will carefully lift them from the pots with their coir-fibre potting mix around them, wrap them in damp newspaper, seal them off in a plastic bag and they will safely travel to your place … ready to plant in your garden and then flower this coming spring.

Yes, the roses will produce flowers this spring/summer provided you give them all the loving care they require.  Lots and lots of sunshine, no less than 5 hours of sun per day.

They love seaweed solution to establish themselves in your soil – once a fortnight at least, all over the plant.  While you are doing this seaweed solution, you might as well add the products we use in our organic rose management program – eco-oil insecticide, eco-rose/fungicide and eco-aminogrow which will ensure a complete dose of all that will be required for robust, healthy and environmentally managed roses in your garden.

If you need more advice, please email me at and I am more than happy to offer personal consultations to assure you grow the most beautiful, healthy roses in your garden.



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