ROSE RAMBLER 13.06.2019 …

ROSE RAMBLER 13TH JUNE, 2019 – Hello dear rose friends … there’s hardly time to stop and write to you – every spare moment is consumed by sorting and labelling beautiful quality two-year old bare-rooted roses.  Once again, our grower has excelled by producing magnificent plants which we are very proud to distribute and offer our 100% guarantee that these fabulous roses will grow and flourish in your garden for many, many years!.

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve,
You get even less than you settled for.”

– Maureen Dowd


As the roses ‘shut down’ for winter dormancy you’ll see lots of yellow foliage; perhaps black-spots on the foliage too.  Did you know this is the ONLY way for roses to defoliate!  Your rose is still 100% healthy but doing its natural thing at this time of year.  Just leave the roses to get on and do their thing while you go find something else to do around the garden.
By mid-late July all the foliage will have dropped and the roses will start shooting – they’re sending you a sign of where to prune!  Honestly, if you just leave the bushes for about six to eight weeks to have their ‘quiet time’, they’ll get going again in no time and the shoots they start producing will make your pruning exercise that much easier!

Q.  What’s red, white and black and taps on the window?  A.  Santa Claus in the microwave!


There are lots of great reasons for planting climbing roses – if you’re looking for an impenetrable barrier to stop intruders entering your property, here are a few varieties which have ghastly thorns that no person would entertain clambering through

ALBERTINE – one of the most beautiful sights in spring/summer – a huge rose which can easily cover 5 metres of fence line!

BANTRY BAY – spectacular with continual flushes of flowers throughout the entire season – great on an arch or spanned along the fence with mesh support.

NEW DAWN – flowering continually on branches thick with vicious thorns, this magnificent rose requires little attention once established – chain-saw pruning for sure!

Of course, there are other varieties and lots of different coloured roses which also have significant thorns but these three varieties in variable shades of pink, also have very dense, healthy foliage and are all spectacular when flowering.

Consider planting any of these roses to protect your property but ensure their support structure is durable – timber lattice rots quickly, timber fences require repair or painting perhaps so we recommend steel mesh and posts to support climbing roses for many years.

Enjoy your garden this week … cheers from the team at Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane.


ROSE RAMBLER 6TH JUNE, 2019 – Hello dear rose friends as we welcome the first week of winter and the heel-in beds are finally brimming with magnificent quality bare-rooted rose plants – we’ve got a few extra pairs of hands working every day as fast as we can to label and sort the roses as quickly as possible.

PLEASE NOTE – STANDARD ROSES ARE NOT DUG YET – EXPECT JULY DELIVERY.  We promise to get your roses posted as soon as we are able – we will call or email YOU if your roses are ready for collection from the Rose Farm.

If you’re out and about this coming QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY WEEKEND, do call in – the CLONBINANE interchange has north and south entry/exit and the Rose Farm is within one kilometre of the Hume Freeway – SLOW DOWN and you definitely won’t get lost because we have good signage in place!

GRA’S GARBLE … With recent good rainfall here at Clonbinane we are seeing significant weed infestation – mostly cape-weed which is a real nuisance when mowing starts again in September/October so I’ve been busy applying DOLOMITE which sweetens the soil – the cape-weed doesn’t like it!

Though it’s a bit messy, throw DOLOMITE around the rose garden while it’s raining to save you hosing it in!

Managing weeds is always an issue – even in a pocket-sized suburban garden I’m told … a dear lady mentioned this week that she’s 100% sure she never uttered a swear word before she became a gardener and became frustrated with weeds … how funny!  I still believe that getting ‘down and dirty’ on my hands and knees for a really great session of weeding makes my heart sing and clears my head.

This leads me to share some stats from recent global research:

  • Gardening could help you live to 100
  • A good plant-based Mediterranean diet, daily exercise and social interaction are extremely important to reduce stress and increase positive mental health
  • An hour of planting and weeding in a garden EVERY day, achieves the required amount of cardio work and stretching to remain physically fit
  • Disease tolerance seems to be improved by wielding a spade and rake

Some gardening chores do become physically exhausting as we get older and it would seem easier to give up.  I urge you to measure time in your garden; don’t overdo it and try to inject some funny ideas to a repetitive job … count how many steps it took to walk to the compost heap then count how many shovels it took to fill the barrow; listen to music whilst gardening and meantime, remember this silly joke and share it with as many as you can

Q: What banks never run out of money? A. River banks.

Below is a copy of our latest ROSE PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS which will be sent in all rose packs but you might like to print a copy to have on hand …


Enjoy the long weekend … stay warm!  Graham and the team …