ROSE RAMBLER 21.8.2014

ROSE RAMBLER… 21.8.2014

Hello dear rose friends … the joy of new life is happening in our front garden! After several weeks of being harassed by a pair of plovers every time we walked beyond the front veranda, two tiny weeny chicks are now gracing our garden so it will be weeks before I can go anywhere near the swale with the mower.  These little cherubs also tell us that spring is imminent.  Do take a look when you come up to the Rose Farm and if I get a chance to get close, I’ll take a pic to share this delight.


Don’t race around the shopping centre trying to find the ‘perfect gift’ for your Dad – send him a rose for his garden.  Here are a few that Virginia and I decided would make special gifts this year:

– glorious swirling mass of petals in a very fragrant medium-red flower on a healthy, robust bush – spectacular standard specimens available too!

– for the fun of it!  This spectacular rose is almost never without masses of yellow/orange/red single-petal blooms on one of the most supremely healthy bushes!

– heavily fragrant, medium pink flowers of huge proportion on a seriously healthy shrub which produces vase-quality blooms all season!

– when this very healthy shrub flowers in your Dad’s garden, he will be reminded continually of your appreciation of his love and care – the deep mauve, highly fragrant flowers are spectacular!

Yes, you can purchase all the above roses in the GIFT ROSE section of or you can come up to the Rose Farm in the next few weeks and get a potted, gift-wrapped rose for the special man in your life!


Time to start mowing the lawns which means you’ll have lots of lawn clippings for the compost heap but don’t place them in clumps – spread them out in 100mm thick layers so that they can warm the compost heap, decompose more quickly and not leave a stinking, anaerobic mass on the compost heap.

Your compost heap shouldn’t stink!  If, when you turn it, there is a bit of odour, pour over seaweed solution, a sprinkling of rockdust and the smell will dissipate quickly while these products add all the minerals essential to healthy compost.

Q.  What kind of music do planets sing?  A.  NEPTUNES

When planting a climbing rose to cover a wide expanse of fence, tie the lateral canes horizontally and because the rose naturally grows upwards to seek light, those lateral canes, when spread out and tied, will become flowering branches.  More spreading equates to more flowers and very easy pruning which encourages even more flowers!

You be the boss of your climbing roses and they will reward you with masses of beautiful roses continually.  Enjoy being the boss … I love it … Gra


Yes, you can now purchase the complete package of products necessary to organically manage your roses now that you have pruned them.  The pack includes the following:

Eco-oil 500ml             $18.50
Eco-rose 500g           $17.50
Eco-seaweed 100g    $21.50
PACK & POST            $18.50

Which means you don’t have to go trawling around stores to obtain the complete organic rose management program.  Any complete package purchased until end October will also contain a FREE 500ml spray unit which has a 360 degree nozzle for easy application under the foliage – a bonza little unit which normally retails for $7.50!


Enjoy the last weeks of winter weather and stay posted next week for the most exciting news …

~ Diana, Graham & Mooi at Clonbinane

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