Unfortunately, the protracted drought caused compulsory water saving regulations – some water storage facilities were at critically low levels and it became illegal to use anything but a hand-held hose during very restricted hours to water the garden.

This has changed with water storage levels at all-time highs so now the media is having a field day and scare-mongering with reports of the huge costs which will be incurred if we use any more than minimal quantities of water – especially on our gardens!

During the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show I listened to many gardeners share stories of their roses not having bloomed since the early Spring and the overwhelming response to my queries about their garden watering habits was “No, we can’t water the roses” … let’s put this into perspective …

We readily line up at our local restaurant for a meal and drinks with an average cost of no less than $25.00 per person per outing. Yes, we deserve the treat and the pleasure is immense (we hope!) however, within 24 hours, that pleasure is flushed down your loo! If that $25.00 was spent on additional water for the garden, the pleasure would endure for a number of months because the actual cost of water on your account is almost equivalent to the daily rate of the water service fee … yes, get out your last water account and check it!

Our water costs $0.5300/kL and the water service fee costs $0.4259 per day – we watered 3,000 pots once a day, every day by hand and used sprinklers on the hot days to cool the plants. Plus, we watered the gardens immediately around the house for one hour each zone, once a week and the roses never stopped flowering! We are reaping the benefits of watering the fruit trees – hundreds of luscious, juicy nachi fruits shared between our family and friends! They cost $6.00/kilo in the supermarket right now!

The point I am trying to make is that YOU DESERVE to enjoy the flowers in your garden and to get the flowers, you MUST water the garden – there is plenty of water and when you break down the costs as I have done, you too will turn on the irrigation system and let your plants flourish rather than flounder!

Overwhelmingly too, the health benefits to you are immeasurable when you can revel in the pleasure of the flowers in your garden – turn the tap on NOW and enjoy the glory of the roses throughout the late Autumn! It’s not too late!!!

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