We all want / expect QUALITY when we purchase a new item and purchasing new roses for your garden should be no exception! When you want to purchase new roses for your garden then a visit to the SILKIES ROSE FARM AT CLONBINANE is an absolute MUST because you will be able to purchase the most beautiful quality two-year old roses … RIGHT NOW!

At SILKIES ROSE FARM, CLONBINANE, you don’t just get great roses, you get the back-up service to ensure that …

1. You select the right roses – roses which you will want to love and care for!
2. Roses which suit the location you are planting into – do it once, do it right!
3. The most recent-release and ‘high-health’ roses available in Australia
4. All the products you need to make your rose growing experience easy and rewarding

Today there were people at the Rose Farm who drove quite some distance to collect a few roses which they had previously ordered … they told me how glad they were to personally collect the roses because I was able to advise them how to manage their roses in the future! Their past experience was that their standard roses kept blowing off in the wind and the stakes kept breaking … easy-peasy to purchase the great tie-material we use and recommend and WOW, take a look at how to properly stake a standard rose!

Soon I will do a video and show you how to stake and tie your standard roses … meantime, if you live within driving distance, a visit to the SILKIES ROSE FARM AT CLONBINANE for your total rose experience is a MUST … see you soon!

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