ROSE RAMBLER 11.2.2016


Hello dear rose friends … with Graham safely home after a jaunt into New South Wales Southern Highlands to visit gardens and ‘chook mates’ and me settled in my ‘new’ office!  Before he was out the gate, I had the first piece of furniture shifted and it’s taken a week of cleaning everything in my path while I changed the whole house around.  Interestingly, Gra is happy with the changes – now I sit here at my computer looking out on the garden and can see when you drive in the gate … really nice!


Get your secateurs sharpened because according to the moon planting guide, the best time for pruning our roses for robust autumn flowering is on the waxing moon – the dates are February 18-20 which are ‘fertile’ dates when plant wounds heal.  If you want to test the value of working to the lunar calendar, prune a few of your bushes on the suggested dates and leave some till a bit later – I know you’ll be amazed!

Q.  What happens when ducks fly upside down?  A. They quack up.

Now is the time to organise pruning to ensure you’ve got a plethora of flowers through autumn.  Because we need to have our potted roses looking spectacular for…

Tesselaar’s Garden Expo
2nd and 3rd Apriland our gardens flowering for
Art & Roses Tours
on 9th and 10th AprilWe’ll be head down, bum up, pruning during February.

The gardens will be regularly watered, the pots will be managed with our organic rose management spray program to ensure premium foliage cover which will guarantee beautiful flowers throughout this last month of summer.

Q.  What did the bee say to the flower?  A.  Hi, honey!

Here are a few pics we’d like to share with you to inspire loving moments this Valentines Day
A quiet cuppa with the one you love
– how a red rose will add romance !!
A vase of NAHEMA ..
a most spectacularly fragrant climbing rose – so romantic!
roses with bubbly at the end of your day …
Enjoy the love on Valentine’s Day with your special person …
Graham, Diana & Mooi


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  1. Do you email Rose Rambler? If so, I would like to receive this (or any newsletter you may send to those interested). Will visit your farm in April 2016 and think you do a fantastic job in keeping interest alive in growing roses! It is reassuring to read your chatty, informative postings re: the best way to produce beautiful roses which flower continuously on into early summer and autumn when most plants are faded or jaded. Wow – such rose garden beauty to enjoy! Especially like David Austin roses too if you offer those. Jillian

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