We trust you’ve enjoyed the Festive Season as much as we have – we wish you health and happiness during this year!  We re-open tomorrow and will be here every FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY and MONDAY throughout this year from 9.00am –, and with an encyclopaedia of roses and lots of helpful information along with all past issues of this Rose Rambler are there for you 24/7 – enjoy!

Our roses have loved the heat and because of the late frosts we kept the garden beds well irrigated to encourage regrowth and flowering after -3 frost on 30th November with a follow up -1 frost on Saturday, 12th December.  Saturday, 19th December, we recorded 45 degrees and Saturday, 26th December, we recorded 21mm of rain.  A season to remember!!!

Fortunately, we’ve also been blessed with a significant 40mms of rainfall over the past week so it’s a picture here again – all in less than 5 weeks since our garden was devastated by frost during December!


Saw this ad in a local paper:  “Sheepdog for sale – will eat anything. Very fond of children.”

If your kids need entertainment, get them out in the garden – over the next THREE DAYS until Saturday, 9th January, there is a moon phase which indicates a brilliant opportunity for weed eradication.  Offer the kids 5 cents for every weed they pull out – have them count them, write up an invoice and suggest they’ll then have to put 50% of the earnings into their bank account and spend the rest on something they ‘have to have’.  You’ll have a weed-free garden in no time and the kids will have had a great experience!

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.
He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”

Scientists tell us that people average around 70% of each day sitting whilst working in the garden for around ONE HOUR is equivalent to a 4KM walk!  Get out in the garden but do remember to be kind to yourself in extremely hot weather – half an hour in the morning and then another half hour after dinner in the evening.  Let your garden be your doctor!!!

Here are some beautiful pics  of potted roses taken around the nursery last week …

Amazing proliferation of blooming clusters on a stunningly healthy shrub to 1.5mts tall with a fresh, citrus fragrance – highly recommended rose!

Always different, depending on the weather – cream buds open with crimson centres which pale to dark mauve as the flowers age.  A healthy, rounded shrub to 1.2 mts ideal for borders of continual, highly fragrant clusters of blooms

One of my absolute favourites in the front garden – always stunning blend of eye-catching colour with dark, dark green healthy foliage on a neat bush to 1.2 mts tall.

When you’re out and about, please call in and visit our Rose Farm
– bring a picnic and let the kids frolic in the gardens and have a play with Mooi …
see you soon at Clonbinane
~ Diana, Graham & Mooi (below)


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