Hello dear rose friends … welcome to all the new subscribers – hope your journey with us is fun and assists you to grow beautiful roses in your garden!

Another month flew on by … winter is here now and this is TRADITIONAL ROSE SEASON – time for the roses to rest after a heady season of fragrant flowering; time to get nicked and tucked – pruned that is – or planted in anticipation of another glorious season.

Q. Name the four seasons?   A. Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar.

Amazing moment of awe for me when Gra and son Eric drove into the Rose Farm last week with the van and a hire trailer loaded with 4,288 roses.  All needed dipping, labelling, sorting for orders – yes, a mammoth task but this year we are soooo organised and it will all be a breeze.  PLEASE wait for the phone call or email because not ALL the roses came in this consignment – standard roses will come in LATE JUNE!

Awesome quality – brilliant roses which are loved from the moment the understock is cut and planted, budded and then nurtured with quality fertilizer, seaweed solution and watering for the past two years – any wonder we don’t hesitate offering you a 100% guarantee that our roses will give you years of pleasure once planted in your garden.


PRUNING … ah, the moments when men grizzle about the prickles, ladies gripe – “he cut them way too much”.  Girls, take up arms – good sharp Lowe secateurs and a beaut pair of protective gloves which you can purchase in our online store at and get stuck into pruning your roses – it’s the best fun you’ll have in a long time!

Allow pruning your roses as an opportunity to release your pent up emotions and frustrations – be totally purposeful and make every single snip count – as you make each cut and remove the branch, toss out one less trouble in your life.  Pruning is very cathartic when you allow it to be.

Guys, you’re hereby given permission to stand back and watch – if this works in your household as it does in ours!  Here at the Silkies Rose Farm, I have my rose gardens and Diana has hers – I’m a gentle pruner, Diana is mercenary – both ways work for the roses!

Q. What does the word ‘benign’ mean?  A. Benign is what you will be after you be eight.

I’ll do the first ROSE PRUNING DEMONSTRATIONS here at

Bring your pruning equipment with you for assessment and sharpening
$15.00 per person – funds donated to CLONBINANE C.F.A.

With fine weather expected this weekend, come and join us for pruning and a cuppa to toast the Queen on her birthday!  You’re welcome to call 5787 1123 to book your place – see you then – Gra

ALLABOUTROSES.COM.AU is our website where you will find all back issues of ROSE RAMBLER and a host of helpful information about growing roses; there is an extensive ‘encyclopaedia of roses’ too!  It is my intention to see this as a location for interaction between our customers and for the site to be used as a great learning tool where we can share ideas, photos of your rose garden and generally make it the destination when you want to know all about roses – take a look and start sharing please.


Rug up and get down and dirty in your garden this weekend

~ Cheers from Diana, Graham and Mooi at Clonbinane

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