ROSE RAMBLER 5.11.2015

ROSE RAMBLER 5.11.2015

Hello dear rose friends – hope you backed a winner in the Melbourne Cup and enjoyed the magnificent roses shown at every single angle the cameras were throughout the coverage!

We are both at OAKS DAY events today – Graham at Seymour entertaining the ladies who are raising funds for LIONS CLUB and CANCER COUNCIL so his roses will be wrapped in cream/pink (no, he won’t be dressed in a skirt with a fascinator – he has no hair to keep one in place!!!).  I’m over at Yea where table decorations are wrapped in red/blue as funds raised will go to support their local AMBULANCE.


Q.  Where do tadpoles change into frogs?  A.  In the croak-room! 

Here’s a pic of the frogs which LOVE my ‘weed tea’ … I would make the tea just to enjoy seeing frogs when I open the lid to use the tea … beautiful critters which we should all encourage in our gardens …


Every single person I meet is saying how sensational the roses are – BEST YEAR EVER they say but you know what?  They say it every single year because roses are SIMPLY SCENTSATIONAL at this time of year and we should all take time out, quiet, slowly, revel, enjoy and inhale their magnificent fragrance.

A magnificent shrub rose which produces masses of highly fragrant roses
on a superbly healthy rounded shrub


Two most highly fragrant, easy-care roses which are guaranteed to delight you!


Here’s Sallie’s picture asking what?

Hi Sallie .. this is NOT a disease … this is SOMETHING eating the underside of the leaf … I think on one of the leaves I can see where the little caterpillar is tucked in … you go take a closer look – maybe with a torch tonight and you’ll find the little critter!  Suggest you might use ECO-OIL to hinder the breeding of whatever insect it is you have … might also be earwigs!  Beer in little shallow bowls will do the trick on them – do you get our Rose Rambler Newsletter?  Subscribe and lots of answers to queries are there or is a good source of information … cheers, Diana

After checking the roses, here’s Sallie’s response:

Thanks Diana, you are dead right!  The teensiest green caterpillars and aphids.  I missed them completely. I will start getting the newsletter. 
Kind Regards, Sallie

So glad I’m right … definitely not dead!  Aphids will never do this type of damage to leaves as they are on the flower buds … ladybirds and other insects will take care of aphids!

There have been a lot of phone calls and inquiries about what is damaging the outer petals – making them all brown, looking yukky and then the buds not opening … it’s THRIP and there is very little any of us can do to avoid their onslaught!  We suggest removing all affected buds as quickly as possible so that the rose can invest energy into new blooms for Christmas time!  Please don’t spray harsh chemicals around – it won’t help but will reduce predator insects who abound in an ecologically friendly garden.

Make your place a safe haven for all the beautiful insects/birds/frogs – as well as YOU / YOURS / OTHER HUMANS!!!


This Saturday Graham is conducting COMPOSTING SEMINAR here at the Rose Farm and up at the Clonbinane Community Hall – it’s not too late to book for this FREE event organised in conjunction with Mitchell Shire Councilcall 5787 1123 NOW!

On Sunday morning you should tune your radio to 3CR GARDEN SHOW where Graham will be on the talk-back panel – do give him a call – find 3CR at 855 on the am dial (close to 774 ABC) … the BEST GARDENING RADIO TALK-BACK!

There are the open gardens at Yea, the Victorian Rose Society Rose Show at Mount Waverley (see details in previous Rose Ramblers); all the while, I’ll be here at the Rose Farm to assist you when you drop in!

Happy rose gardening from us at CLONBINANE … Diana, Graham & Mooi 

2 Replies to “ROSE RAMBLER 5.11.2015”

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could recommend a standard rose variety that is shade tolerant .Shade from 12pm onwards in Illawarra.

    1. EVERY rose needs at least 5 hours of direct sunlight to flower prolifically – as long as you have direct morning sun from early until noon, you could grow some lovely floribundas there … ICEBERG (of course), however, if you want colour other than white, you could use GOLD BUNNY, BRILLIANT PINK ICEBERG, or LA SEVILLANA for a great red.

      Take care with which rose you plant there – it MUST be a very, very free flowering variety because the number of flowers will be somewhat reduced by the lack of afternoon sun! Good luck and happy to advise if you need more assistance. Cheers

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