ROSE RAMBLER 24.10.2013

Hello dear rose friends … A week of extreme weather variables – minus 2 frosts which burned the new tips on the oak trees and totally scalded the ‘Crepe Myrtles’, then 32 degrees on Sunday while I was planting a new section for roses wearing a singlet and getting sunburned;  now it’s raining and cold …..

Whether the weather be fine, Or whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold, Or whether the weather be hot, We’ll weather the weather Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not!

 Author: unknown

GRA’S STUFF  Different week, different heading … you’re in for a treat either way!

Q. What has to be broken before you can use it?  A. An egg!

Speaking of which, what a great healthy food package.  If you have owned fowls, you’ll understand the joy they are to sit and watch for half an hour .. see their pecking order, their habits – some extrovert, some introvert and some always hungry … like ME !!! and the one who is always last in the pen.

Here are our new LANGSHAN BANTAMS looking in the mirrors along the shed wall


Look after your chooks well.  They need, in this order

  • ·        Protein from bugs and insects
  • ·        Green feed EVERY DAY – silver beet, lettuce, grass, weeds
  • ·        Organic grain and pellets
  • ·        Shell grit or stone dust – leave in trays and watch how they use these!

True free-range eggs are sooooo delicious and so very good for you!

Along with eggs, to grow your own veggies and salads is the best guarantee of good healthy food – fresh is magic for your body and soul – the gardening side of all this manifests a healthy mind and earth! 

Companion planting is so good for the environment – grow carrots, small bush tomatoes, silver beet, lettuce and lots of different herbs among the rose bushes.  Place a bowl of water with corks floating in it so the bees can have a drink!

Grow the heavy feeders together – cabbage, cucumbers/pumpkins/melons, sweet corn and tall tomatoes – when they’re done, follow up with potatoes and legumes to give natural nitrogen back to the soil or compost that section of garden with layers of straw, leaves, fowl manure in thin layers together with layers of herbs like tansy, yarrow and nettles to get the microbes working … yes, my word, they really dooooo!

NEW ROSE CATALOGUE … I am in the throes (and woes!) of putting together a rose catalogue with photos of roses and invite you to send me your favourite NAMED rose photo to make a really sensational contribution to the back page feature – all different roses! 

Trying to sort just 50 roses to be featured in this Catalogue is wrenching – so many glorious roses with wonderful attributes that I would love to share but they’ll have to wait until I write the book of my dreams! 

I took these photos today of a few roses here at Clonbinane which, despite this variable weather, are looking sensational … another few days of warm sunshine and we’ll be fully flowering … see you really soon and enjoy your roses this week …

                             Cheers from Diana & Graham Sargeant at Clonbinane

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