Hello dear rose friends … welcome to all the new subscribers – hope you enjoy our ramblings and if you live close please come for a visit to the Rose Farm – CLONBINANE is just 60kms from Melbourne CBD – we are within 500mts of the Hume Freeway – entry/exit north and south!

It’s already Easter and we’ll be closed GOOD FRIDAY but open all other days of this wonderful long weekend – call in at the Rose Farm this weekend where you’ll find some super potted/flowering rose deals …




During Saturday, Sunday and Monday, there will be an Easter egg hunt operating continually – any rose where an Easter egg is hidden at the base of the flowering plant will be available at 50% OFF and you’re NOT allowed to cheat because I’ll know where the eggs are ‘laid’ … in 100 of the very best specimens around the nursery!!!

Here are three more new release roses which are available for ordering this winter at – go take a look at these pics which, remember, are NOT MY OWN! Every other rose photo represented at, excluding the 2015 new release roses has been taken by us!!!


The strongly angular red and white petals give the bloom a ‘square’ appearance, similar to a paper folded flower – hence the name Origami. Highly disease resistant and well clothed in mid green foliage, plant singly, as a hedge or in a pot. Light rose perfume.
A Gold Award winning rose – Australian National Rose Trial Grounds.


Like its name suggests, this rose is in Perfect Harmony with itself. Charming blended blooms of yellow with pink/peach edges. A beautiful Hybrid Tea with large, well-filled flowers, which are carried singly or in small clusters on strong stems. A robust citrus fragrance floats from these high-centred buds. This captivating rose blooms in flushes throughout the season which makes it perfect for cut flowers for your home. Good disease resistance. Height: 80-100 cm.


Spreading shrub type Floribunda rose with large sprays of blooms in clusters. Medium sized pointed buds, semi-double to double, mid pink to soft pink blooms, cream-yellow at the base with at times over 60 blooms per spray. Glossy apple green healthy foliage. Repeat flowering. For best visual effect mass planting in beds or borders is recommended.  80cm H x 100cm W.


I buy Better Homes & Gardens magazine for the Moon gardening guide which we use for weeding and planting.  It was a huge surprise to read a fabulous review for Diana’s book, ALL ABOUT ROSES in the April edition.  I won’t copy it verbatim for you here, but the last sentence reads:  “Taking an organic approach to growing, the book is well illustrated and the author’s passion for the blooms spills from every page.” which is why every rose gardener should have a copy of the book on hand! 

Organic gardening should not be a ‘trend’ but very much a ‘norm’ … our organic rose management program is well represented in ALL ABOUT ROSES along with many of our ‘normal’ (organic, obviously!) gardening procedures – get a copy NOW in your local book store or online at so that you have all the information you need to design and prepare a rose garden for this winter … DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT! is our motto.

I like this joke:
Nigel came into the classroom with a great big swelling on the end of his nose.  “How did you get that?” asked Mr. Trilby.  “I was smelling a BROSE.” replied Nigel sadly.  “I think you mean a ROSE,” said Mr. Trilby.  “There’s no ‘B’ in ROSE.”

“Well, there was in this one!” replied Nigel – just as there are bees in the roses you’ll be smelling when you come up to the Rose Farm this weekend!!! 

Bee aware … ha ha!  Gra


Take time out with the kids this week – let them help you as Cooper did so graciously last weekend – he loaded Susie’s car with her potted roses for the new section of garden she’s been planting … we all enjoyed the experience and Susie will have herself a lovely well established rose garden this spring … autumn is the season for planting … nice!

See you soon at Clonbinane or talk to you via email if you’re contemplating designing a new garden this winter and need some FREE ADVICE …

~ Diana, Graham and yes, MOOI – guard dog extraordinaire who thinks she’s a Great Dane but weighs around 2.5 kgs of Toy Poodle!  HAPPY EASTER!!!

2 Replies to “ROSE RAMBLER 2.4.2015”

  1. Hello,
    I have a question, I recently bought roses and clematis from you, the roses are growing beautifully but I fear I have the kiss of death with the clematis as I’ve never been able to grow them successfully in the past, I bought several from you at Kilmore for my garden in Research and lost all of them. Now I have planted two in my new garden in Doreen one is okay the other has wide yellow margins on the edge of all the leaves, can anything be done to correct this the plant is growing quite well apart from the yellow leaves, I know that it is usually an in balance of some kind, I have been feeding the roses with natrakelp and Eco Rose fungicide mixed together, the clematis are growing close to them. I would dearly love to grow more roses and clematis and you can help me. Many thanks Bev johnson

    1. Hello Bev … clematis can be tricky and I have one in the nursery which is exactly the same as yours … yellow margins on the outside of each leaf. A couple in the gardens look woeful too!!! It’s been a very dry summer and I think this is the problem – certainly for those in my garden!

      Can you please leave this with me – I will be at the Tesselaar Plant Expo at Silvan this weekend and will meet with Judy from Alameda Clematis whom I am sure will give me that answer to this query. Yes, I’m sure, like you, that it is mineral deficiency … which one??? Usually, in a situation like this, we would use powder trace elements but usually, seaweed solution fixes the problem when used more frequently than recommended .. ie at least twice weekly.

      Stay in touch and we will get this sorted … cheers and thanks for your enquiry … Diana

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