Hello dear rose friends as we come up for air after an immensely busy weekend since our massive autumn promotion during last weekend!

Thank you for purchasing your roses at Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane and – we hope you have remembered to apply seaweed solution to your newly planted roses so they settle in well and you enjoy them flowering until around July when you will commence winter pruning.



At their annual conference two years ago, Australian Heritage Rose Society declared that any rose which was bred 75 years ago will be listed as a HERITAGE ROSE … meantime, we seriously recommend that EVERY ROSE GARDEN should host at least ONE heritage/old fashioned rose and here are a few which we very highly recommend for planting in your garden:


Hybrid Perpetual rose released in 1860.  Stunning dark mauve highly fragrant blooms continually throughout the season on a large spreading shrub to 1.8 metres tall.  This magnificent rose can be grown as a free-standing shrub or short climber which is easy to manage because it has few thorns.

China Rose discovered before 1894 which is very commonly referred to as ‘the butterfly rose’. This rose is very highly recommend for use as a thick impenetrable rose hedge which would attain a height to at least 2 metres and spread of no less than 1.5 metres.

This beautiful rose produces masses of clusters of blooms which open sulphur yellow and change to orange, red and finally crimson. Since the shrub is constantly blooming, the appearance is that butterflies are fluttering all over the shrub and the new growth is dark crimson red – a sight to behold!


Hybrid Spinossisima was found before 1836 – the most amazingly beautiful and free flowering rose in our entire garden – definitely a favourite – there are only three in stock so get in quick if you want to plant one NOW … readily available and highly recommended as an addition to your winter bare-rooted order!

If you’re interested in heritage roses, contact the Heritage Rose Society in your State and please note: Heritage rose enthusiasts are vital for advancing the preservation, cultivation, distribution and study of old roses. It’s a heap of fun to research where a rose came from and what its breeding history and parentage is!


We are now pleased to advise that our online store: is open for taking your winter orders.

We have thousands of roses out in the fields ready to be dug in May so there’s NO RUSH with ordering. Due to circumstances beyond our control, New Release 2019 roses only have ‘generic’ photos which are supplied by the agency releasing the roses so it is our plan to visit the rose fields in coming weeks; then we’ll show you our own photos and give you our personal recommendations for the New Release 2019 roses.

If you need assistance with placing your order please don’t hesitate emailing and I will gladly assist with planning your garden and/or recommending certain varieties of roses for different situations or circumstances. I am available on WHATSAPP where we can look at pics and talk

Q. What does an angry kangaroo do? A. Get hopping mad! So does Mooi when the big bucks wake us all in the night!

Do take a moment to have a cuddle with MOOI when you come to Silkies Rose Farm,CLONBINANE soon.

In closing, I’m sharing this: “Fishy tales from the sea will bring you laughing to your knees and so …

Q. What do you call a fish that tunes pianos? A. A tuna fish!”

Have a great week in your garden … Diana, Graham & the team at Silkies Rose Farm.


Hello dear rose friends as we enjoy a respite from the searing heat of this past week and one of the hottest summers in years. Our roses never cease to amaze us with their extreme resilience to such harsh weather!

So, to celebrate their beauty and to recognise this LABOUR DAY HOLIDAY WEEKEND, we’re inviting you, our dedicated customers FOUR DAYS OF UNPRECEDENTED OPPORTUNITY to buy ANY TWO POTTED ROSES AND GET TWO FREE!

This offer is also available to our online customers at who can expect to receive FOUR ROSES for every TWO ORDERED! (We can strap two boxes together with two roses in each box and you’ll only pay the postage price of TWO ROSES – $29.50 for up to FOUR ROSES – delivered to your door by Australia Post.)

IF ORDERING ONLINE YOU CAN SPECIFY WHICH POTTED ROSES YOU PAY FOR and then IN THE COMMENTS SECTIONtell us which TWO FREE ROSES you wish us to send to you. If you cannot decide, then we’ll post our very best roses at the time of posting on TUESDAY, 19 TH MARCH, 2019!


When you plant your new roses, please remember to soak them, absolutely drench them when you first plant them and pour ECO-SEAWEED solution over them at planting and then at least once a fortnight thereafter – the benefits of seaweed application on roses is amazing and highly recommended for good health and profuse flowering – remember, the more foliage on any rose plant, the more flowers! It’s true!

See you this coming weekend at Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane … cheers – Graham & Diana


Hello dear rose friends on this, the last day of summer which heralds perhaps, a respite for our gardens with maybe some rain ???


We’ve already had some cool mornings but gosh, the sun has a punch in it while we’re watering the pots in the nursery from early morning. The cool nights will increase the incidence of fungal disease so, despite the daytime heat, it’s time to ramp up and start the organic rose management spray program to protect foliage and keep it disease free so that we all enjoy massive flowering through autumn and right up to the first winter frosts.


  • ¼ CUP ECO ROSE (dilute first with strong gush of water!)
  • Small scoop ECO-SEAWEED (or other seaweed product – follow instructions)
  • ¼ CUP ECO-OIL (add last then fill container with full water pressure to mix all)

Often, I mix these three products in a watering can and pour solution over roses which appear to need a boost or show early signs of disease – obviously, using a watering can is great if you’re ‘time-poor’ but it means you’ll use more product so this method is not as economical.

Most important that you apply this organic rose management program NOW!

Q:  What did one lab rat say to the other?  A: I’ve got my scientist so well trained that every time I push the buzzer, he brings me a snack!”

IS IT UNDERSTOCK ??? Very interestingly, we get many queries just like this:

I have several standard Icebergs, one died 2 years ago and I left the roots in the pot, the spring before last up came some shoots and then quite a few more but it did not flower despite several prunings. This spring, after the winter prune, the shoots came alive again and in mid spring we had several large crimson/scarlet roses from what used to be ‘deceased’ iceberg. After the mid spring bloom no more flowers despite several prunings of the long shoots. Question – how come the Iceberg is now producing once a year crimson/scarlet roses ? Question – what can I do, if anything, to get more blooms throughout spring and summer? I live in Cronulla, NSW, the roses get full sun and get watered every second day.”

My response: “Hello … what you’re growing now is UNDERSTOCK … actually, R. DR.HUEY which is commonly used as understock for roses along the eastern seaboard of Australia – where most of our Australian commercial rose growers are!  I usually recommend that customers remove the understock from their gardens – it only flowers once in the season and is rampant and likely to take over large areas of your garden – if birds eat and spread the seeds, it’s almost considered a ‘noxious week’… get rid of the plant and definitely don’t
waste precious drinking water to keep it growing!!!  Cheers – Gra”

… another email with slightly different issues relevant to ROSE UNDERSTOCK …

Hi Diana & Graham, Firstly thank you for the emails I always look forward to receiving them. So my first question is: I pulled some suckers off some of my roses and found one had some roots attached to it so I planted it. Will this grow into a viable rose and produce flowers, or should I just get rid of it?

MY Response: “That sucker you pulled off … throw it away!  You’ll possibly get flowers every spring but they’re not worth having – believe me!  Great for you if you want to propagate roses in the future – very llllooooooong future!  You need acres of it to produce enough canes for rose production.”

I’ve been given a use by date for our current home as we’ll be building and moving to Torquay, I have a sentimental attachment to a couple of my roses and would dearly love to take them or take cuttings from them, what would you suggest the best and easiest way to go about this, would cuttings be better and if so how? or moving the roses (one is quite large).  I could hunt out the name tags from each rose if that would help. Kindest Regards – Tracey

“Take the names of those you love most and you’ll almost surely be able to purchase them when the time comes or there might be a really great, more modern variety available with all the same qualities but a more healthy rose perhaps?

Consider that the current roses will add value to the home when you sell it … doesn’t matter that the new owners might destroy the garden – they’ll offer you a good price for the way the place looks when they buy it! Hope all goes well for you in the future … best wishes …””

S ALL MULCH GOOD MULCH? This email will give you food-for-thought when you next consider which mulch is best in your garden … “Your newsletters have so much info and I look forward to them each week. Re mulch: – I have a very large LILLYPILLY tree in my garden which was cut back last year.  The arborists mulched the cuttings and I spread the mulch around the garden and thought I was doing a good thing.  But then I started to see LILLYPILLY seedlings cropping up everywhere and spent a lot of time removing them; I still see the occasional seedling peeping through ☹

Q:  What animals need oiling?  A: Mice, because they squeak!


FOUR magnificent roses you might consider planting this autumn:


David Austin Modern Shrub Rose with large dark crimson heavily petalled and very fragrant blooms continually.  Very suited to pot-planting for a patio.  Ideal as a hedge-row.
  • Large dark crimson blooms
  • Extremely healthy rounded shrub
  • Intense old rose fragrance
  • Suitable for use in flower arrangements

Delbard Couture Collection Shrub Rose which produces one of the most durable flowers of any rose we stock.

    • Exquisite dark red almost black flowers
    • Exceedingly healthy and very free flowering
    • Ideal as rose hedge or border
    • Most endurable flowers which last more than 10 days on the bush


A refreshingly bright canary yellow flowered Floribunda rose.  This rose will definitely lift your spirits and so will it’s fragrance.  Nice dark green foliage, free blooming, and compact growth.  If you want a yellow this is one we highly recommended.

    • Bright canary yellow blooms
    • Beautiful fragrance
  • Free blooming
  • Nice dark green foliage and compact growth

A wonderful Hybrid Tea rose – lovely healthy, spreading bush produces huge blooms of lavender/pink flowers continually throughout the season. The blooms have a most heavenly fragrance – hence the name!  Highly recommended rose for cut flowers too!

  • Hybrid Tea rose
  • Large, spreading bush
  • Huge blooms of lavender/pink
  • Great cut flower with amazing fragrance

Hope you enjoy the cooler nights for sleeping and let’s hope we get rain for our gardens so that our roses put on their most spectacular autumn display in coming months … cheers from the team at Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane – do come for a visit soon!


Hello dear rose friends as I write this date which appears on all my legal documents – another year older … sadness as this is the first birthday I will celebrate without a phone call from my Mum but I know she’s looking over us to be sure we’re tending the roses well!


I’ve been managing on my own while Diana was gallivanting around Perth with her cousin Joyce – they share their birth dates on the same year during February. Mooi and I coped well and I was able to reinvent my compost heaps – while the boss is away, mice will play!

Here’s what I’ve now created

This compost heap is a blend of new materials deep in the centre which should break down more quickly because of the outer layer of humus over which, of course, I will place a thick layer of raw materials (straw / horse manure with shavings) in order to retain moisture and protect microbes from intensely hot sun. I’ll soak the whole area with a sprinkler at least once a week for no less than one hour – moisture hastens breakdown of all the composting materials!

Q. Where do horses get their hay? A. From their Neigh-bours … which is exactly where we get all our horse manure with shavings … we are sooooo lucky to have this resource so close and we do check when they last wormed their animals. Fresh manure from recently injected horses needs to be placed in separate areas and NOT on our compost heap as the chemicals might potentially kill our compost worms!!!

When completely broken down in say, two – three months, I will use all of this compost/humus around the rose garden during winter – both for planting new roses and spread up to 10litres (one bucket-full) around established roses once they’ve been pruned.

It’s very important to mulch humus when you place it around your plants as it …

  • Feeds worms and soil microbes
  • Retains top soil from being blown away in wind
  • Prevents weeds from seeding
  • Keeps soil moist and evens soil temperature

There are so many benefits in composting your household and garden refuse – it’s easy once you learn how to and you’ll definitely enjoy the rewards of a robustly healthy and environmentally sustainable garden for your family to enjoy!

Q. Why do fish live in salt water? A. Because pepper makes them sneeze!



Is still one of the most popular roses we sell and is rich in colour now that the nights are a little bit cooler!


Is so stately and grand – magnificent in the extreme and the lush healthy foliage complements the overall beauty of this lovely rose!



Has flowered and flowered through the most incredibly hot weather and the fragrance is amazing! Very highly recommended rose for sure!

Q. What’s the difference between a musician and a cricketer? A. One scores a hit and the other hits a score!


Enjoy this last week of summer in your garden – cheers from all of us at Clonbinane …


Hello dear rose friends as we celebrate ST. VALENTINE’S DAY when the most red roses IN ANY ONE DAY are sold throughout Australia! We hope you received a beautiful GIFT ROSE which means you’ll be able to pick roses from the same bush over and over to be reminded of the love in your life!


On days like today I feel so happy to be a rose grower – I can pick an armful of red roses for my girl since I have MY garden filled with red roses and I dream one day, I’ll breed an absolutely beautiful red rose which will be stunningly fragrant, filled with strong dark petals and grow the healthiest foliage … you’ve gotta have a dream!

Q. How do you fix a pizza?  A. With tomato paste!



Perfectly formed Hybrid Tea blooms striped with yellow/orange/pink and salmon – stunningly pretty with a spicy fragrance. Award winning in trial grounds around the world for extreme disease resistance. The foliage is dense enough for this magnificent rose to be used to create a colourful hedge to 1.8 metres tall. A highly recommended rose which is sure to make visitors to your garden gasp with awe!

Is mid-cherry red and flowers non-stop for no less than nine months of the year. The flowers are medium sized and open with a tight bud which slowly opens to reveal a boss of yellow stamens; this is very attractive to bees so a hedge of this rose around the veggie garden or orchard would enhance pollination of veggies and fruit. This series of roses are the most disease resistant roses we have ever grown!


Is frequently used as a GIFT ROSE and I’m pleased to tell you, it’s one of the most reliable and easy to grow! The copper/orange petals are tipped with crimson red; perfectly formed, medium-sized blooms are produced continually and the glossy lighter- green foliage is extremely lush and healthy … a great rose to be reminded of a loved one!

Q. What is out of bounds?  A. An exhausted kangaroo.


we still have areas of green grass so our property is residence to more than thirty kangaroos each night – the bigger, taller bucks easily jump our fences so graze in the gardens while mums and bubs graze on the perimeter. Luckily, kangaroos don’t like roses and the fences are too high for wallabies, wombats and rabbits!

I served a customer on Sunday who came to purchase another 600g pack of ECO-SEAWEEDand she was telling me of the success she had when she shifted roses from her Mother’s garden recently when the house was being sold.

Jen cut the roses by two-thirds and lifted about half a metre round and deep root-base – at no point in the shift were the roses let to dry out!!! She covered them with damp hessian sacks and loaded them into a ute then planted them in her garden and poured ECO-SEAWEED over them once they were soaked to a slurry in their new location.

Weekly applications of ECO-SEAWEED as per our directions meant that Jen now has her Mother’s roses flowering in her own garden – they were almost sure to be destroyed when the house was sold so Jen’s extremely happy we recommended she remove the roses despite the fact it was summer and we have experienced the hottest summer on record here in Victoria!


Hope you’re enjoying your summer rose garden and preparing garden beds for autumn planting … best wishes from us all at Clonbinane …


Hello dear rose friends as we spare a quiet moment in memory of what devastation occurred during the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria ten years ago today!
We hope all our customers are safe as we swelter and the rain continues to fall in Queensland – please know that your garden will recover from all these harsh weather events – our garden now is testament to that, as it was ravaged by fire 10 years ago and is a beautiful space filled with glorious trees and rose gardens for us to enjoy today!

Our garden immediately after the fires.

And the garden today!



Yes, time flies and you need to get onto this quickly if you want a glorious, living, flowering, fragrant rose of your loved-ones choice posted in time for gifting … perhaps you need to choose?  If so, let us make it easy for you …

You SELECT THE COLOUR and let us select the most beautiful rose in that colour range to be posted along with your romantic message – all VALENTINE’S DAY ROSES will be posted TOMORROW or MONDAY so please do get online NOW and order a GIFT ROSE!

All you have to do is print your message which Diana will hand-write into a beautiful card and then in the COMMENTS section of the order, tell us which COLOUR rose you would like us to send.

There are so many beautiful roses in the nursery NOW … make your gift-giving this Valentine’s Day very simple by letting us select the most beautiful rose in the nursery on the day you present your order!

Q. Why did the song do well in school?  A. Because it took a lot of notes!



MR. LINCOLN continues to be the MOST POPULAR Hybrid Tea Rose and is the most commonly requested dark red rose because it has a HUGE fragrance, is tall and tough in all conditions throughout Australia.

LOVING MEMORY produces a continual display of perfectly formed medium-dark red blooms on a very sturdy and healthy bush.

This magnificent rose is highly recommended for gifting to the ‘least garden friendly’ person when you want to offer a lasting LOVING MEMORY in the event of a death – it is such a resilient and hardy rose!

CAMP DAVID … Hybrid Tea dark red rose and one of the most stunning!  This rose is one of the most abundant Hybrid Teas, producing the darkest red, red roses – no purple in this beauty as I refer to it as ‘brown red’ … it stays dark red all the way through to petal drop and it has the most glorious fragrance.

and lots of others of different colours ..

Have a happy week in your garden and take care …
Graham, Diana, Mooi and the team at Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane


Q. How do you fix a pizza? A. With tomato paste!



As we acknowledge with heartfelt thanks the beautiful messages we received from you, our dear Rose Friends … your words of comfort helped ease our pain and we are sincerely grateful! As Maree wrote: “… it’s strange but I feel, like many of your customers must feel, that you are more like our friends than our rose suppliers. This is the joy of roses, they bring people closer together.”

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that this very hot month of summer is beyond us! Here’s some timely advice from Graham to get us through February which is usually the hottest month of the year in most regions …


Q. What’s the laziest mountain in the world?  A. Mount Ever-Rest.

Since you’ve probably had a good rest over the Christmas break, as of tomorrow, Friday, 1st Feb and all days until late on Tuesday, 4th Feb are perfect days on the Lunar Calendar for WEEDING YOUR GARDEN – be it by hand-weeding or spraying.

If you cut the lawn this weekend it will be slower growing – this is also the best time for dethatching or coring lawns – fertilize also!

During the next four days, you can Summer prune your roses – you can remove around 1/3 of the bush but remember to leave as much foliage on the plants as possible to protect them just in case we get more severely hot weather!!!

It’s a great time to fertilize all established plants – water in well afterwards!

Make a compost heap – there are lots of fallen leaves already due to extremely hot weather conditions so make use of those leaves.

Prepare soil and fertilize garden beds for autumn/winter planting.

Take advantage of the phases of the moon to make your gardening chores really effective – yes, it’s all true and does work!


During extreme heat, your whole garden will be affected and show signs of stress however, you might notice the following on your roses:


In all weather events there are positives and negatives – a good deep-soaking watering of the garden will make all the difference so bring on the rain! Please do pour ECO-SEAWEED solution over ALL roses – it’s a tonic for them in this hot conditions!

Here are a few roses which look absolutely stunning in the nursery right now …

PEACE is known all around the world and there is a beautiful book by Antonia Ridge FOR LOVE OF A ROSE which tells the story about the creation and the families involved in it’s creation – a story of love, dedication and life during war-torn Europe.  PEACE is a most magnificent rose – delightful large blooms of creamy yellow with a hint of pink at the edge of each petal and a lovely sweet fragrance.

PEACE makes a wonderful specimen as a 90cm STANDARD ROSE.

JUST JOEY – Hybrid Tea rose with charming waved petals of creamy-buff-copper, very free flowering habit – a true delight!

  • Huge highly fragrant flowers with waved petals
  • Sensational standard rose specimen
  • Healthy foliage

LA SEVILLANA – Floribunda rose bright, vermillion-red with every single quality a grand rose should have.

  • Bullet-proof bright red landscape rose
  • Exceedingly free flowering in all conditions
  • Low maintenance rose
  • Ideal for long driveways and landscape planting

FRIESIA is a refreshingly bright canary yellow flowered Floribunda rose.  This rose will definitely lift your spirits and so will it’s fragrance.  Nice dark green foliage, free blooming, and compact growth.  If you want a yellow this is one we highly recommended.

  • Bright canary yellow blooms
  • Beautiful fragrance
  • Free blooming
  • Nice dark green foliage and compact growth

Double Delight is a bushy plant and can grow to 1.5mts – particularly loves the hot weather when the cerise border becomes very defined and the fragrance supreme. In humid, wet weather, Double Delight sulks and the blooms refuse to open; the foliage is very susceptible to black-spot so this rose should be planted with lots of air circulation and few or no other plants around it.

  • Extremely distinct coloured cream with carmine border
  • Very highly fragrant blooms
  • Bushy growth

All the above varieties are price-reduced because they look so sensational and we want you to buy them NOW …
ONLY $27.50 – save $5.00 per plant until
– this offer is valid for our online customers too!

We trust you’re pleased the kids are back at school – they’re probably relieved and happyto start the new school year adventure! Best wishes to you all …

Graham, Diana, Mooi and the team at Clonbinane


Hello dear rose friends – yesterday we buried my darling Mother who died ‘on my watch’ at 7.00 am last Friday at the Kilmore Hospital.

As a tribute to her, we are sharing some precious memories of our lives with her.

Mum worked alongside me every winter potting bare-rooted roses since the very start of the Rose Nursery at Kilmore in 1986 and it was fabulous when she purchased a house just down the road from us some years later.

Many of our staff and customers will remember Mum, head-down-bum-up over the wheel-barrow and yelling out “MORE POTS” and by golly, everybody ran to be sure she had more pots to keep potting and potting. She loved it immensely.

For many years, she would walk to the Rose Nursery in the morning to do her ‘shift’ of watering the pots – she was 100% reliable and she’d always leave me with a list of roses which needed special care or attention! In other words, she was right on the ball all the time and cared about the roses – she truly loved them as much as we did and planted a magnificent rose garden which she has tended all these years; it is a ‘stand-out’ in the main street of Kilmore!

When we created the Rose Café in 1996 she was right there too! Only thing she refused to do was serve at tables and when her first great-grandson Logan was born in 2007 and the business got busier, she would drop what she was doing and take him and her dog Prinny walking – Logan was usually sleeping when she got back to the nursery. Later, those three were quite a regular sight walking the streets of Kilmore!

Last Sunday when we had open-house at Mum’s home in Kilmore for all generations of hers to come along and take something precious, Logan called me at 8.15am “Oma, just in case I’m not there in time, can you please get me the photo of Grandmere with me and Prinny; also the Unicorn puzzle (there were literally 100’s of magnificent puzzles) and one of her blankies” … (5 cm knitted squares in every colour which were stitched into blankets for Kilmore Hospital).

The plastic cookie barrel was already taken but Logan scored the jelly bean jar – to the envy of all of us who weren’t quick enough! Mum was so generous and nurturing! At a Palliative Care Team meeting at Northern Hospital, Epping on 10 th January, she was more interested in having an audience to tell how proud she was of her four beautiful children, 11 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren and that I was a Rosarian and had written a book about roses!

My last kindness for my darling Mother was to see that specific rules will be broken to ensure her ashes can be interred with ‘her boys’ – my Dad, Bill and her second husband, Jim – in a communal plot at Fawkner Crematorium and to provide long-stemmed red and white roses for her funeral; then to decorate tables at her ‘party’ … yes, my Mother partied to the end!


I was the Health Surveyor at Kilmore Shire Council when I first met Miep in 1974 – she didn’t like me because nobody ever liked the Health Surveyor checking on their business and Miep owned the Kilmore Bakery!

Lots of water has travelled under the bridge since then and on my last birthday card, she wrote: DEAR GRAHAM, THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND!

When I went to visit her last Thursday afternoon I said: “I’ve been married to that daughter of yours for 35 years and you did a great job on her – she’s a gem” then my darling Mother-in-Law rolled over and smiled at me: “Thank you for the flowers” she said! It has been my privilege to keep her well-supplied with bunches of flowers during my years of visiting her to share a joke and although I know her favourite roses were highly fragrant reds like MR. LINCOLN and CAMP DAVID, I planted the hedge-row of NAHEMA because I knew she loved that rose too… Farewell my dear friend Miep!


Hybrid Tea Rose which hardly needs any introduction as it is the most commonly requested dark red rose

  • Most popular dark red rose
  • Exquisitely huge fragrance
  • Tough, reliable and very tall bush
  • Ideal cut rose for flower arrangement

Hybrid Tea dark red rose and one of the most stunning!  This rose is one of the most abundant Hybrid Teas, producing the darkest red, red roses – no purple in this beauty as I refer to it as ‘brown red’ … it stays dark red all the way through to petal drop and it has the most stunning fragrance.

  • Perfectly formed dark red blooms continually
  • Exceptional fragrance
  • Ideal cut flower for the vase
  • Extremely free flowering – highly recommended dark red rose

NAHEMA is awarded ‘THE MOST POPULAR ROSE’ SOLD IN 2016-17 and is definitely the “most photographed” rose!

  • Awesome fragrant climbing rose
  • Pale pink, cupped blooms with last in a vase
  • Distinct and disease resistant leaves
  • Almost thornless so can be used on verandah posts

 Best wishes from all of us here at Clonbinane where the Rose Farm will be open as usual due to the fabulous support of our team! Graham & Diana … and Mooi


Hello dear Rose Friends  …

… our roses are enjoying this hot dry weather and look stunning!  Of course, daily watering the pots each morning then with overhead watering from the sprinkler system to cool them later in the day means the roses aren’t stressed.

Our gardens are sensational too – well worth a visit anytime soon …


You have to retain your sense of humour during this hot weather so I’ll start with a joke I found …

Q. What did the balloon say to the pin?  A. Hi, Buster! 

At this time of year you must get up early in order to get things done around the garden, rest during the hottest time of the day and then do a bit after dinner when it starts to get cooler – that way, you ensure you stay active and fit!  Here are a few emails we’ve received recently and we’ll all learn from the information exchange …

Dear rose rambler. I purchased some lovely yellow roses from you about 18 months ago. Unfortunately they are not thriving – I think they are in the wrong spot so I want to move them (4 plants).

When is the best time to replant and how is it done for best results?  Many thanks, Pamela

Hello Pamela … if a rose isn’t thriving then I would shift it no matter what time of year – head and heart working together!!!  Trim the roses, lift them, make sure they stay wet during the entire process – have the new garden bed prepared, holes soaked and also use some seaweed solution for soil conditioning.  Take the roses to their new location and soak the absolute living tripe out of them – like make the soil a slurry around them.

When that water has disappeared, cover the muddy hole with a bit of compost/soil, water over with seaweed solution from a watering can, place a light layer of straw mulch around the entire surface – at least 1 metre square and let the rose get on with settling in and growing.

DO NOT WATER EVERY DAY – if it’s hot and you think you should water then ONLY WATER ONCE A WEEK – DEEP SOAK TO A SLURRY AGAIN!  I prefer NOT to rewater a newly planted rose but let it settle and get organised for at least two weeks before rewetting – remember head and heart!!!  Every soil and situation is different – get in touch with your soil and conditions in your garden and I’m almost 100% sure the rose will survive!

Best wishes … let us know how this goes for you?  Cheers …

Hi Diana and Graham – Happy New Year! I do hope you managed to get a good break over Christmas and feel somewhat refreshed now!

I got up early this morning to dead head and water roses…and sadly cut back some of the gorgeous boughs loaded with buds that we lost in high winds over the weekend. One of my maples also split in half in the wind…despite that there are still tons of rose blooms.

Quick question…Doug Hayne (Facebook link Australian Bred Roses) says that on very hot days, you should mist cool water over the top of the roses (to protect the flowers from getting scorched). Do you do that? I must admit when we lived in Perth, people always said you should not do that as it would “cook” the flowers. Any thoughts?

Still battling black spot but difficult to spray in this heat! Love,  love, love BROTHER CADFAEL! 😊
Take care and stay cool!  Judy

My response:  Thanks Judy … you wouldn’t believe it but I ate the last morsel of your magnificent Christmas cake just yesterday evening!!!  It was in the fridge in wrap and foil – I checked with Diana whether it was still ok to eat … of course!  Yum!

The roses here are loving the hot / dry conditions – they flower and flower in this weather, especially when they’re well irrigated – as they are!  The wind is a totally different scenario and I can imagine your sadness when you have to go around and collect great boughs of prospective beauty … not nice!

As far as watering over the roses in the middle of the hottest part of the day … DO IT, YES – BUT ONLY IF YOU LEAVE THE WATER FLOWING FOR AT LEAST TEN MINUTES SO THAT IT TOTALLY COOLS THE PLANT – a swish over with a hose will most definitely burn the blooms.

I’m not suggesting that the rose flowers will look pretty the next day – some tolerate it extremely well – MEMOIRE is one of those.

However, because the entire plant has been cooled, prospective buds will be protected from the intensive heat and when things cool down, those buds will open perfectly!  Cheers – Gra

Enjoy all the moments in your summer rose garden – know that we are here to assist if you run into any issues:


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 … best wishes from Graham, Diana and the team at Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane


HAPPY NEW YEAR to our beautiful ROSE FRIENDS …

even though we tagged an extra week of holidays this Christmas break, it doesn’t seem long enough but we’ve enjoyed all the moments shared with family and friends! Hope you’re still enjoying time off …



It is with great sadness that the Austin family announces the passing of David C. H. Austin Snr., OBE, VMH, rosarian and founder of David Austin Roses. David Snr died peacefully at his home in Shropshire on Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018, surrounded by his family. He was 92.

When we commenced our business in 1996 some of the first David Austin roses we sold were MARY ROSE, HERITAGE and GRAHAM THOMAS which are still readily available and very popular today.


MARY ROSE is a very popular David Austin rose and for good reasons.  It is prolific, bushy and has a great fragrance. Masses of  loose petalled, double rose pink blooms appear throughout the season – you will not be disappointed.  It is a reliable bushy shrub, great health and fantastic for filling an empty space in the garden – this is not a leggy rose by any means and can be trimmed mechanically if planted ‘en masse’.

David Austin Shrub Rose – one of the earliest and original English Musk roses.

Bred by David Austin, UK, introduced in 1984 this beautiful rose already graces many Australian gardens as an extremely useful rose hedge.

Heritage produces masses and masses of soft blush-pink medium sized blooms which are distinctly cupped in shape. The flowers are freely produced which is just as well because they do not last long – not on the bush and certainly not in a vase.

GRAHAM THOMAS is a magnificent David Austin rose of creamy yellow blooms continually on a very large, healthy shrub which is suitable to grow as a hedge-row 1.5 x 1.5 metres.  This quick-to-repeat shrub is always flowering and very showy.

David Austin’s legacy will most definitely continue as his more recently released roses are so magnificently healthy, superbly fragrant whilst retaining the delightfully old-fashioned charm we all so much appreciate in the English roses.


Now is a great time to be out in the garden cross-pollinating your favourite roses – there is lots of information in Dr. Google but I’ll follow my grandson, Logan’s advice which was to lick his finger and take the pollen from one rose and place it on the fresh stamens of another – “so what Poppy, if a bee comes along and adds something to this pollen, it could only make it more interesting and exciting when the new rose blooms for the first time” … have a go yourself!

Mark the pollinated stem with a tag of some sort so that you don’t dead-head that stem!!!

Q. Why did the fish jump out of the water? A. Because the sea weed!

When you nurture the cross-pollinated rose plants with regular seaweed solution and fertilizer applications, seeds will set late summer/early autumn. Then you remove the seeds and plant them – there’s a little bit of David Austin’s rose-breeding success dormant in all rose lovers! Have a go!


For a great day out, jump in the car and come for a visit to Silkies Rose Farm, CLONBINANE during January knowing that you can request a MEAL VOUCHER for lunch at the MAGPIE AND STUMP HOTEL, WANDONG – each voucher is valued at $10.00 and since we regularly eat at this local venue, we assure you of a great dining experience at our local pub!


Q. What do you get if you cross a worm and an elephant?  
A. Very big wormholes in your garden!




(when ordering please request FREE SHIPPING FOR GIFT ROSE or

BE QUICK! Offer available till 24TH JANUARY

May your roses enjoy a deep-soaking during these extreme weather conditions and may you enjoy the rest of this holiday season … best wishes from Graham, Diana and the team at Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane