This coming weekend, on Sunday, 5th May, treat yourself to a WALK & TALK IN THE GARDEN at the SILKIES ROSE FARM, CLONBINANE. Apart from the glorious Autumn colour of our newly planted oak and maple trees, the roses are putting on their most spectacular display right now and this is perfect timing to see and ‘stop and smell the roses’ before they go into their Winter dormancy.

Our plan is to demonstrate a number of different pruning techniques so that you will be well informed and well equipped to be able to effectively prune your roses this Winter. We will demonstrate with a range of pruning equipment including our Pellenc – Green Technology Range, secateurs and loppers from: LOWE, FELCO and WOLFF.

We recommend that you bring your own secateurs and other pruning equipment along to the demonstration so that we can assist with sharpening and maintenance of your pruning gear … stick around and have a morning tea with us.

WALK & TALK IN THE GARDEN – commences at 10.00am SUNDAY, 5TH MAY, 2013 and will only be cancelled if heavy rain is forecast … not likely! This opportunity to spend a couple of hours with Graham & Diana Sargeant, Consulting Rosarians, in their delightful gardens at CLONBINANE is a FREE EVENT but booking is preferred … please call 0418 337765 to reserve your place and we’ll see you on SUNDAY, 5TH MAY AT CLONBINANE.

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