ROSE RAMBLER 20.11.2014

ROSE RAMBLER 20.11.2014

Hello dear rose friends … the spectacle of the Victorian State Rose Garden at Werribee is something you all deserve to see – it’s a hidden treasure managed by a host of volunteers under the banner of the Rose Society of Victoria and Wyndham City Council … you MUST go there and you MUST take a picnic lunch, a pen and paper and most definitely a camera.

The memory of this magnificent garden will stay in your mind forever but if you like to photograph rose flowers, perhaps you are contemplating planting more roses for your garden and not sure what varieties of roses you like – this is THE place in Victoria to see roses in their glory!

Our son Eric, who assisted us at Werribee last weekend sent this email after he was so inspired by the magnificent specimen trees in the park surrounding the mansion and rose gardens …

If today’s modest financial gain wasn’t necessary to live, provide for my family and have some things for us to enjoy, I would be most happy knowing that the hundred or so people who purchased roses today (and going home with all the knowledge necessary to grow them well) will succeed and hopefully be inspired to grow more and maybe go even further and plant something (like I am) that can be enjoyed (as I did today) by future generations. I would happily do it every day… Thanks for a great day.  Love you … Eric

Plan a visit to the State Rose Garden at Werribee soon!


If you continually pick roses for vases in the house, you are doing your rose bushes the best of favours!  This long-stemmed pruning will encourage strong re-growth which keeps the rose garden looking neat; you’ll enjoy the variety of colour in the new growth (usually red foliage) and older leaves (usually dark green foliage) and most pleasantly, your rose bushes will produce prolific numbers of large, quality blooms throughout the heat of summer!

Keep up the watering and feeding – most important!  Fertilize every 6-8 weeks over the entire soil surface around the rose garden with quality complete organic fertilizer and deliver at least 20 litres of water to each bush every time you water – this will ensure water is soaked to the roots of the plants.

All of this rose management is covered so well in Diana’s newly published book:  ALL ABOUT ROSES which should be in a bookstore near you (ask for the book if it isn’t on the shelf!!!) or can be purchased through our website:

Watering and feeding roses is such an important part of rose management and once you understand the mechanics of it, you will grow the most spectacular roses, easily and confidently.

Q.  On which day do giants eat people?  A. Chewsday (thankfully, our day off!)

During coming hot weather months, liquid fertilizing rose bushes fortnightly with AminoGro to which you add seaweed solution will lessen plant heat-stress and guarantee continual healthy foliage and flowering – during hot weather it is most important to have good foliage cover on the bushes – liquid feeds ensure this!!!

Q.  What’s the difference between broccoli and bogies?  A.  Kids will eat bogies

Get the kids into the garden with you and they just might start eating the goodies they have a hand in producing … happy gardening … Gra


Gawd, how do you pick just one???  I picked these flowers and put them in the water fountain nearby to photograph their unsurpassed beauty.  The bush is stunningly healthy, a very robust hybrid-tea bush which awes me each time I enjoy its glory – TROPICAL SUNSET


GIFTROSES.COM.AU is now launched and you can order flowering rose plants to be sent anywhere except TAS and WA.  Experience tells us that a gift rose for any occasion has such amazing impact – the rose can reflect joy, it can offer solace – a rose in the garden is most definitely an enduring reminder of an event in the life of the recipient.

With so many gloriously healthy, appropriately named roses available, do take advantage of this opportunity of gifting to your loved ones!  Take a look at the website which my creative assistants have recently developed and let us make your gift-giving a beautiful experience …

Have a beautiful week in your rose garden – talk soon
Diana, Graham & Mooi at Clonbinane

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