Hello dear rose friends … no time for too much rambling this week since we’re finally up to our eyeballs packing rose orders so that we hopefully meet our deadline of having empty-order-folders by the end of August.

Another two huge consignments arrived on Tuesday – all the roses need to be graded, labelled, sorted and tucked into the moist, friable soil we call the ‘heel-in-bed’. From there we hope to be able to contact you and advise that your order is ready for collection – if the roses are being posted, you’ll receive Auspost tracking notification!


Always time for a joke:

Q: What’s the difference between an oak tree and a tight shoe? A: One makes acorns, the other makes corns ache!


  1. Blend ANYTHING you add to the planting hole with existing soil
  2. NEVER add any product which is decomposing/smelly/steaming to planting hole
  3. ALWAYS pour seaweed solution into planting hole and after planting
  4. After planting TRIM the new roses by at least 1/3 – be brave!
  5. DON’T OVERWATER – more roses succumb due to wet soil than dry soil!
  6. Fertilize roses with top-quality organic fertilizer when foliage appears

Enjoy planting new bare-rooted roses in your garden this winter … there are still more than SIX WEEKS until we start posting POTTED ROSES … plenty of time to dig over a new garden bed to plant these beauties which I highly recommend:

MR. LINCOLN – still our most highly prized top-selling rose of all time in all climates!

DAYBREAKER – seriously fabulous and most healthy and prolific rose!

MEMOIRE – the most weather-tolerant, perfectly formed white rose of all times!

If you’re about this weekend and want to learn about rose pruning do call up to the Rose Farm on SATURDAY … 1.30pm for WALK AND TALK PRUNING DEMO with me – see you there, Graham.

P.S. One more joke: Q: Why is a ladies (or gents) belt like a garbage truck? A: Because it goes around and around and gathers the waist (waste).

UUMMM??? Get out in the garden pruning and planting roses so that you reduce the waist-line and keep fit and happy!!!


We endeavour to have most orders completed by the end of August. Meantime, if you are anxious at all about your order, please know that we have it all in hand and are posting as quickly as we can!

We had a massive victory with Australia Post last week – due to the volume of parcels we are posting they have allowed us to post over-sized packs with STANDARD ROSES so we will be able to post standard roses to you throughout the year!

Please email if you have concerns about your order or need advice regarding planting a new garden – our service is FREE and we welcome the challenge of assisting you to create the rose garden of your dreams …

See you soon at Clonbinane perhaps … the team at SILKIES ROSE FARM …

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