ROSE RAMBLER 18.9.2014


ROSE RAMBLER … 18.9.2014

Hello dear rose friends … brilliant news to get you off the couch and out into the garden … since yesterday and for nearly a whole week until Tuesday, 23rd September, we have a sensational opportunity to weed the garden!

Of course that’s great news – you’ll be working in a perfect Moon Gardening Phase which means that if you weed now, the weeds will pull out of the ground easily so get your gloves on and get down and dirty in the rose garden pulling weeds and mulching as you go!  Let’s see what Gra has to tell us about all this …


Rules for weeding:

  • Get weeds out NOW before they seed
  • Weeds are not our enemy – they are just another plant growing
    out of place
  • Their place is in a compost heap for use as green manure – any weeds with creepy roots need to be binned!
  • Share the weeds with your fowls who love a small amount of green feed every day – the green tips of the weeds are loaded with chlorophyll which makes the most nutritious eggs!
  • Weeds pull easily if you weed during the right MOON PHASE …
    no, don’t laugh but rather, give it a go and right now up
    until 23rd September is ideal.

Gardening Moon Charts can be found in “Home & Garden” or ABC Garden Magazine and I would love to hear from you about your weeding success if you follow the chart.

Weed as much as you can in the next 10 days and remember to position your body so that you don’t have to jerk and strain muscles.  A kneeling pad is a great idea.  By the way, don’t have sleepless nights worrying about the weeds in your garden …

               Q.  When was King Arthur’s army too tired to fight? 
               A.  When they had lots of sleepless (k)nights.

Talked lots about lemons and how good they are for you because they provide lots of Vitamin C and alkalise your system – half a lemon squeezed into warm water every morning with a bit of apple cider vinegar will keep your body well.

               Q.  What happens when a cat eats lemons? 
               A.  It becomes a sour puss

Enjoy this glorious spring weather and be sure and pull the weeds in your garden over the next few days to ensure you have a weed-free garden for months to come … Gra


  • Remove all the plant labels on your new roses – pop them in a book and draw a plan of the garden – that way you’ll learn to identify your roses and know them when friends drop by to admire them!
  • Loosen and re-tie all the standard and climbing rose ties – the sap will be flowing which will make the stems thicken – if the ties are strangling the stems, there is a chance you will ring-bark the rose!
  • Get going with the organic spray management program – prevention is way better than cure and the organic management works particularly well on the larval stage of insects!
  • Groom the pruned roses – go around and remove some of the weaker new shoots in favour of more sturdy, buxom ones.  You’ll create more robust bushes with heaps of flowers and stronger stems!


We did a spray program on the pots in the nursery yesterday and there is a most outstanding rose up there – LIONS ROSE – such magnificently healthy foliage which will give us a plethora of beautiful creamy blooms in bunches throughout the season – a most ideal rose for hedging and also spectacular in a vase.

Get down and dirty, weed now while the opportunity is here …
enjoy the moments in your garden this week …
~ Cheers from Diana, Graham & (ferocious guard dog, NOT) Mooi


2 Replies to “ROSE RAMBLER 18.9.2014”

  1. Hi Diane, Two years ago I was buying roses to grow on Arches. I bought 2 Penny Lane (recommended) 2 Ali Barber and 2 Climbing High Hopes.
    The Ali Barber and the High Hopes have covered the Arches but the Penny Lane is still no where near covering, about 1 and 1/2 metres tops.
    I am suspicious that this rose does not get tall enough to grow on an Arch and that I would be better to shift them and get something else.
    I would appreciate your advice. Hardest part in shifting them is what to put in their place.
    Thanks. Kathy.

    1. Hello Kathy …. sorry for very long delay in responding – sounds to me that PENNY LANE needs a bit more TLC … it should be just as big as ALI BARBER (isn’t that a magnificent rose by the way???) If my memory serves me well, PENNY has NEW DAWN in the breeding so should perform beautifully and cover the arch easily. Please let me know whether you’ve shifted it or not. Cheers … Diana

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