ROSE RAMBLER 14.4.2016

ROSE RAMBLER … 14.4.2016

Hello dear rose friends!  Well, the weather was extraordinary when over 250 visitors came to the Rose Farm last weekend and the coaches left with their bellies filled up as well as the travellers’ bellies were … everybody happy which is exactly how we like it and lots of roses being planted in country gardens during this glorious autumn so they’re magnificently established for spring flowering after a light winter prune!  Here are a group of visitors on the WALK ‘N’ TALK in the gardens with Graham:

We owe a HUGE THANK YOU to our family members and staff who worked tirelessly to make your visit such a pleasant experience.  Because this past weekend was such a success, we will be holding…

– 26th and 27th NOVEMBER, 2016

so save the date and start getting bus groups organised.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a travel subsidy but we can definitely offer magnificent DEVONSHIRE TEA throughout the weekend – might see if my Rotary colleagues will organise a BBQ using those fantastic Warialda Beef (Clonbinane) hamburgers again!


Driving along a country road the other day, I saw a BIG sign which read: “POO – $2.00”

When you see a sign like this, STOP and grab as many bags as will fit in your car, take it home and place it on a compost heap, directly on your garden or into hessian bags dunked in water!

  • Any amount of POO added to your garden NOW will benefit the soil and retain warmth while adding humus and nutrients before the cold of winter.
  • Adding animal manure in layers to a compost heap is imperative to VITALITY and ENERGY within the compost – keep the heap moist AT ALL TIMES!
  • Dunking hessian bags filled with POO will offer your soil a nutrient rich ‘tea’ when you pour it over the garden at a rate of 1 part to 10 parts water.  Toss the contents of the bag on a compost heap or directly on a garden bed then cover with mulch to preserve the microbes.  Renew the POO BAG continuously throughout each year!

Q.  What kind of bat cannot fly?  A.  A wombat! 

Hope you’ve got all your winter bulbs planted – my job in the next few days so that we have a gorgeous display of colour to herald spring.  Bulbs are great value in a rose garden as they’re flowering while the roses are dormant – ideal to plant around roses because they allow great air circulation at the base of roses throughout the rose-flowering season!

Q.  What do you call a stupid flower?  A.  A daffy-dill.  A kids play on words because daffodils and lots of spring flowering bulbs will brighten the most bleak winter day so plant lots of them – definitely NOT stupid!  Have a beaut week in your garden …Gra

Here are a few more photos of roses we had in vases recently …

New for 2016 makes a delightfully healthy, well foliaged shrub to 1.2 metres round with continual flowering – very striking …

Available this winter, this amazing shrub rose is very eye-catching, bees love it so it should be planted around the veggie garden/orchard because while the bees are busy on the roses, they’ll pollinate the rest of the garden!  This is a VERY IMPORTANT SERIES OF ROSES to promote bees to your garden …

Is a tall shrub suited to a short obelisk or along a fence line for a continual display of blue/grey blooms with amazingly sweet fragrance … stunning rose!


We’ve re-invented the POT LUCK ROSE section of the nursery where roses which have lost their labels are placed until we can identify them – since we frequently forget to label them, they’re there for you to take home at the crazy price of $15.00 each!

Over the years, we’ve had people come back to the nursery telling us of the fabulous gardens they created with POT LUCK ROSES … it’s fun!

PLEASE NOTE – when ordering your roses NOW, lots of varieties of roses are ONLY AVAILABLE as BARE-ROOTED WINTER ROSES either because they’re NEW RELEASE FOR 2016 or simply SOLD OUT… I can adjust orders accordingly but it is impossible to note in our online store which roses are still available as potted specimens.

If you wish, please call 03 5787 1123 FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY & MONDAY to check on a particular variety if you especially want it as a POTTED SPECIMEN.

Most of the GIFT ROSES at are still available as POTTED SPECIMENS.

Please call in at CLONBINANE soon to enjoy the glory of our autumn trees at their most spectacular best … cheers from Graham, Diana & Mooi


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