ROSE RAMBLER 10.2.2017

ROSE RAMBLER 10.03.2017 …

Hello dear rose friends as our autumn becomes an ‘Indian Summer’ with very warm days here!  Some lucky gardeners have had random rainfall all about the place – not here at Clonbinane but we live in hope of seeing the swale full of water again sometime soon.  Part of the joy of being gardeners – always living in hope – one day hoping for rain, another hoping for the rain to stop.

In the winter hoping for the sun to shine to make our roses grow and in the summer hoping for the clouds to cover our roses for respite from the hot sun.

Yes, we live in hope but we know that every morning when we wake up, there’s something to keep us occupied in the garden!

Whilst doing ‘stuff’ on the computer today there was an ‘ad’ which offered a VIRTUAL OFFICE TO IMPRESS YOUR CUSTOMERS … so frequently we are asked if we would like to ‘swap offices’ with our customers and of course, it will NEVER happen … 

Here are some pics of our REAL OFFICE which we hope you’re impressed by … do come and visit soon – perhaps during the Art & Roses Tours on 8th & 9th April … pics taken this past week so it will get better from here onwards …


… some customers are lucky enough to acquire pig manure from either their own yard (God forbid … it will NEVER occur in our yard I hope … Editor, Diana) or another source – great stuff by all accounts and they say some of their best roses were grown when pig manure was applied!

Q. What does a pig call his grandfather?   A. A Hampa!

This is the season for being able to smell the fragrance of our roses pretty much at all times of the day – cup your hands around the bloom or spray to experience the fullness of fragrance and that smell can lift your spirits to unexpected heights which also include the awareness of the beauty of a flower!

It’s hard to select three great roses to share for this week – PARFUM DE PARIS produces the most amazing blooms of an extraordinarily healthy plant – I can smell a bag of fruit when I take a great big sniff of this rose so I highly recommend it!

EMILIEN GUILLIOT… stand-out colour of bright orange with masses of petals which make the blooms hang on forever on the bush or in a vase – a seriously healthy, grand rose worthy of space in your garden …

NAHEMA in Europe it’s the most popular flower for bridal bouquets and any wonder with such a magnificent fragrance!  The cupped double petals exude such fragrance that Guerlain perfume is based on the essence of this fragrant rose … it grows superbly too …

Hope you continue to enjoy your garden this autumn … see you real soon at Clonbinane or perhaps at the  …

Tesselaars Garden Festival 
9am – 4pm
22nd – 23rd April 2017
Over 40 nurseries and plant growers
Expert plant talks & demonstrations
Shop for plants of all shapes and sizes

Cheers from Graham, Diana and Mooi – also, our assistant, Tova


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