ROSE RAMBLER 08.02.2018 …


ROSE RAMBLER 08.02.2018 …

Hello, dear rose friends as we revel in this glorious summer weather with green lawns and lushly foliaged roses which are blooming magnificently – such an unprecedented season for us here at Clonbinane where just 9 years ago we endured 48-degree heat and the tragedy of Black Saturday bushfire which entirely destroyed our front garden.

Thankfully, Graham and Ben saved our home and many of the magnificent trees which form the backbone of our ‘paradijs’, which is now resurrected and an absolute delight to us and those who visit!



I remind you that TODAY or TOMORROW at the latest you must organise a GIFT rose for the love in your life to be delivered next WEDNESDAY, ST. VALENTINE’S DAY … if you need EXPRESS POST for interstate delivery you will have to email Diana at: as this option is NOT AVAILABLE in the online store but I am more than pleased to be able to send your GIFT ROSE via EXPRESS POST.

My pick for the most incredibly glorious highly fragrant blooms which, when open, fade to rich cerise –  will be a winner so that even the least romantic person could present this rose to the one they love and the message is all said and done in the rose itself – simple!

So, let us here at make your gift-giving this St. Valentine’s Day beautifully simple – all you have to do is select the colour of a rose and we’ll gift wrap a magnificent flowering potted specimen and post it to the recipient.  I’m happy to write your romantic message too!
MR. LINCOLN is another beauty which is sure to be an absolute heart-winning rose!
Rather than buy flowers this Valentine’s Day, buy the whole rose bush and enjoy the flowers throughout many years of flowering seasons to be reminded of the love in your life, over and over.
DEVOTED TO YOU … the name says it all on this special occasion … perfectly formed red, red roses!



Lots of our customers rely solely on tank water for their gardens.  Naturally, when we don’t get decent rain periods, keeping a constant supply of water happening can be seriously challenging gardening.  If your roses are stressed due to lack of water, lightly trim spent flowers and with as little as 10 litres of water per week, confidently know the bushes will survive until the rain comes.

Q.  What is the biggest ant?  A.  An elephant … of course!

If you haven’t done the Summer pruning, there is still time – it means that your roses will show off their most glorious blooms from mid-March onwards when the temperature is cooler and the flowers last so much longer on the bushes!

We’ll be pruning the potted roses again during the next couple of weeks – we need to time the flowering to ensure we have beautiful flowers for the:

APRIL 14TH & 15TH 


is very natural at this time of year and should not cause concern or any need for spraying.  During very hot periods, the water rises from the roots first to the very top of the plant.  A vacuum created in the leaves due to transpiration needs to be filled first.  The lower leaves, which are not very active anymore, are neglected in the water supply, turn yellow and eventually drop off – the rose stems have thickened and the attachment of the leaves is gradually severed.  A bit like we lose hair and skin every day!

Enjoy the sun on your face and the wind in your hair while out gardening and remember to order a rose bush this week so that you’re prepared for the romance on St. Valentine’s Day next Wednesday. One last joke:

Q. What type of jam cannot be eaten?  A. Traffic jam!


Cheers from us all here at SILKIES ROSE FARM, Clonbinane

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