ROSE RAMBLER 01.02.2018 …


ROSE RAMBLER 01.02.2018 …

Hello, dear rose friends as we start the last month of summer and our gardens look forward to some relief from the scorching heat.


Thanks to the brave souls who ventured here last Sunday for a Walk ‘n’ Talk in the gardens with me … it was great sharing and swapping ideas.

Here’s my funny bit for this week – hope you enjoyed the Australian Open Tennis …

“JOHNNY, why aren’t you playing tennis with Simon anymore?” his mother asked.
“Mum, would you play with someone who always lies about the score?”  Johnny responded.
“Absolutely not!” his mum said.
“Well, neither would Simon,” Johnny said.

“Oh Dear, What Is The Matter? Should I Panic ): !”

….was the heading of a few emails from Jenny before we finally got to the bottom of her issue:

”You’re not doing night watering, are you? The foliage is affected by black spot/fungus which is generally due to wet foliage overnight … it’s been weather like that down here too!!!    See ABRAHAM DARBY affected by night watering:

Perhaps add some eco-rose (fungicide) and eco oil to the eco-seaweed – you can pour it over from a watering can if you want!!!  Hope this helps … cheers

“You are a genius, no doubt about that. I have removed all affected leaves, fed them and yes guilty as charged, night watering – even though I water from below, the leaves are probably getting wet – derh!

You have warned us all countless times about this. Yes, they are growing like crazy, foliage, buds, flowers and I assume roots – no wonder they are hungry. First rose in full bloom – stunning – and lots of rosebuds forming!  I am SO HAPPY with my ABRAHAM DARBYS.

Thank you again for your kindness, your sensational knowledge and wisdom about roses (that you share so passionately with us all) and your perseverance with me. ”  -Jenny

Here is an extract from Diana’s book:  ALL ABOUT ROSES which you should most definitely have a copy of – not stored in a bookcase but on a shelf in the garden shed or really handy so you can refer to rose issues with assurance …

Hose watering

Watering the garden with a hand-held hose or sprinkler is fine if you only have a small garden.  The roses must be watered on a regular basis for them to perform to their maximum capacity.  Leaving them to dry out for weeks on end and then watering every day will cause chaos for the plants and you will start to see incidence of disease and a decreased number of flowers.

Also, giving the roses a light squirt whilst walking around the garden enjoying the splendid evening fragrance with a beverage in one hand and a hose in the other is a definite NO-NO for your roses.  The foliage will remain wet during the night and most certainly lead to the onset of fungus problems like black-spot and powdery mildew.

Q.  What do you call a sleepy bull?  A. A Bulldozer!


Stunning Rambling climbers which are also budded to 1.8 metre tall weeping roses:

Whether grown as a scrambling rose over an arch or structure, this is also our most popular weeping rose …
Never without flowers and holding a lot of foliage during winter this amazing rambling rose is the most popular pink weeper …
The ‘do anything you like with me’ rose is absolutely brilliant as a weeping specimen rose … remember to feed it copiously, continually!  Glorious rose which may have a slight pink blush during cooler weather but otherwise purest white in massive profusion during more than 9 months of flowering.
Yes, there are more varieties which we highly recommend so I’ll follow through next week with more recommendations.

Meantime, know that we have researched having weeping roses delivered to your door in other States by RANGEVIEW TRANSPORT and although it’s as expensive as the rose itself, you might consider such a spectacular show in your garden very worth the expense!

Please call us at the nursery on 03 5787 1123 during normal business hours – 9am – 4pm  EVERY FRIDAYSATURDAYSUNDAY and MONDAY if you’re interested.  IS MOVING FORWARD by adopting eParcel which promises to make sending our beautiful roses more efficient and we’ll have greater support in the event of a parcel going astray.

I am told that because we hand-write our customer address on the box, their computers are way more likely to pass-over our parcels because they cannot read them as quickly as they can the e-Parcel sticker … yes, this definitely happened on several parcels in the lead-up to Christmas.

Let’s see what happens with this new system as we hope to continue to receive emails like this one …

“Hello, Diana …A note to say thank you for your prompt action on my last minute request, by phone, for ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ to be sent to my sister in Ringwood for her birthday. It arrived on time beautifully presented & in bloom she said…she was thrilled … So easy for me too! Thanks again, Lesley”

Enjoy this last month of summer in your rose garden …

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