PRETTY JESSICA – David Austin Shrub Rose and one of the very early roses in the English Rose series


Bred by David Austin, UK, 1983 this beautiful little shrub should always be planted in a group of three to truly enjoy the bright warm pink, rosette shaped flowers.

Pretty Jessica is probably more widely grown for the name … many parents and grandparents have purchased this rose as a namesake for their Jessica and it truly is a very feminine, pretty rose with abundant fragrance to match its delicacy!

The lovely rounded shrub is only around 90cms tall and 60cms wide so should always be planted at the forward edge of the garden bed. The flowers are so entrancing that you will need to bend down to enjoy the delicious perfume. The foliage is mid-green and very healthy – this rose just loves the warm weather in our Australian gardens!

  • Low growing mound of colour
  • Bright pink and highly fragrant blooms
  • Continual flowering
  • Plant at forward edge of garden bed


The generally sunny, dry and hot conditions of the Australian garden are particularly well suited to planting roses and roses flourish in our gardens when you take measures to provide the following:

WATER – Roses are very deep rooted plants and require one good, deep soaking at least every 10 days in hot and dry conditions.

FEED – Because roses flower throughout all but the Winter season, they should be regularly fertilized with quality (preferably organic) fertilizer which contains a balance of major nutrients (NPK) and trace elements. The fertilizer should be applied at least once a month – small amount often – with fortnightly applications of liquid seaweed over the foliage.

PRUNE – During Winter, 70% of the rose plant should be pruned and all old wood removed back to the crown and the bush pruned to shape.
During the flowering seasons, 25% of all flowering stems should be cut back after flowering to encourage strong re-growth.

MULCH – Particular attention to application of lucerne or pea straw directly around the root-zone of each rose will enhance the overall health of the rose and then the whole bed should be mulched to 75mm with any other mulch medium available.

21 Replies to “PRETTY JESSICA – David Austin Shrub Rose and one of the very early roses in the English Rose series”

    1. I’m sorry that I am not familiar with rose specialist nurseries in Adelaide. Maybe Knight’s Roses can help you locate the rose. Cheers


  1. Wagners Roses ( sell Pretty Jessica via there website, or could probably advise which retailers they’ve supplied in Adelaide.

  2. My friends beautiful little dog passed away this week her name was Jessie my friend is heart broken l would love to buy this lovely rose for her garden so she can have something away to remember her best friend Jessie wherein Melbourne could l purchase this beautiful rose

  3. Dear All
    My husband and I bought a wonderful English Rose Pretty Jessica in bud, at Taverham Nursery Norfolk UK after smelling one bush which was already in bloom. I was captivated by its glorious fragrance, absolutely gorgeous !
    I had to have it, and so we bought one, and my husband repotted it outside in a large pot, on our patio path- facing south behind the conservatory. The buds have increased in size and number and I am looking forward greatly to seeing the blooms emerge in their fabulous glory. This has to be the best smelling rose on the planet !

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