PAROLE – Hybrid Tea Rose and my, what a rose which is far more deserving of the name of this variety in England – ‘Buxom Beauty’


Bred by Kordes, Germany and released in Australia in 2002, this is one of the largest blooms produced on any hybrid tea rose – once measured 22cms across – with huge petals of the darkest, hottest pink with a light slash of silver on some of the petals.

Parole is a very strong grower and the strong stems easily support the massive blooms which are produced on a single stem – the stem could never support more than one bloom at a time. The rose is unaffected by all weather conditions but if you do expect wet weather and there is a lovely bud on the bush, pick it and vase it rather than leave it on the bush to rot. One flower in a vase will certainly fill your home with old-rose fragrance for days on end!

The bush is very upright with dark green leathery foliage and although this rose is not what we would call a profuse bloomer, it does produce a wonderful number of blooms considering the energy the plant must use to produce such large flowers!

  • Also known as ‘Buxom Beauty’ – which it is!
  • Darkest cerise pink with slashes of silver on outer petals
  • Very highly fragrant blooms
  • Tall upright bush with healthy leathery foliage


The generally sunny, dry and hot conditions of the Australian garden are particularly well suited to planting roses and roses flourish in our gardens when you take measures to provide the following:

WATER – Roses are very deep rooted plants and require one good, deep soaking at least every 10 days in hot and dry conditions.

FEED – Because roses flower throughout all but the Winter season, they should be regularly fertilized with quality (preferably organic) fertilizer which contains a balance of major nutrients (NPK) and trace elements. The fertilizer should be applied at least once a month – small amount often – with fortnightly applications of liquid seaweed over the foliage.

PRUNE – During Winter, 70% of the rose plant should be pruned and all old wood removed back to the crown and the bush pruned to shape.
During the flowering seasons, 25% of all flowering stems should be cut back after flowering to encourage strong re-growth.

MULCH – Particular attention to application of lucerne or pea straw directly around the root-zone of each rose will enhance the overall health of the rose and then the whole bed should be mulched to 75mm with any other mulch medium available.

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  1. We had one of these roses when we lived in Tasmania, it was beautiful. We now live in Caboolture Qld & would like to buy one for here.I would be very grateful if you can tell me where I can buy one. Thanks Jan Cluning.

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