NAHEMA – Climbing Rose of such incredible beauty and versatility with a fragrance that surpasses all expectations of how strong a rose fragrance can be


Raised by Georges Delbard, France, 2006 with a renowned perfume in the Guerlain range based on the essence of this wonderful rose.

Nahema produces literally masses of highly fragrant and deeply cupped pale, China pink blooms in profusion throughout the season. The flowers are sensational to use in flower arrangements because of their durability in the vase and as the petals drop, the perfume remains scattered around the base of the vase – a sight to behold!

The foliage of Nahema is most unusual in that the leaves have a tendency to recurve which in any other rose might be a sign that the rose is too dry. This quirky difference makes Nahema readily identifiable and despite this habit, the foliage is very strong and disease resistant.

Nahema can be espaliered to a wall or used as a pillar rose bound to a verandah post where it will enjoyed because it has very few thorns!

  • Awesome fragrant climbing rose
  • Pale pink, cupped blooms with last in a vase
  • Distinct and disease resistant leaves
  • Almost thornless so can be used on verandah posts


The generally sunny, dry and hot conditions of the Australian garden are particularly well suited to planting roses and roses flourish in our gardens when you take measures to provide the following:

WATER – Roses are very deep rooted plants and require one good, deep soaking at least every 10 days in hot and dry conditions.

FEED – Because roses flower throughout all but the Winter season, they should be regularly fertilized with quality (preferably organic) fertilizer which contains a balance of major nutrients (NPK) and trace elements. The fertilizer should be applied at least once a month – small amount often – with fortnightly applications of liquid seaweed over the foliage.

PRUNE – During Winter, 70% of the rose plant should be pruned and all old wood removed back to the crown and the bush pruned to shape.
During the flowering seasons, 25% of all flowering stems should be cut back after flowering to encourage strong re-growth.

MULCH – Particular attention to application of lucerne or pea straw directly around the root-zone of each rose will enhance the overall health of the rose and then the whole bed should be mulched to 75mm with any other mulch medium available.

31 Replies to “NAHEMA – Climbing Rose of such incredible beauty and versatility with a fragrance that surpasses all expectations of how strong a rose fragrance can be”

    1. Yes, NAHEMA will grow well for you … around 3 metres but I cannot supply same as we are restricted from sending roses out of Australia due to quarantine restrictions … hope you can find this magnificent rose! Cheers

    2. If by CA you mean California, Palatine Roses in Canada, near Niagara Falls, ships to the US and often carries Nahema.

  1. Hello Dianna,
    I bought two Nahema roses from you last summer. They are simply divine! Now l need to prune. I want them to grow up two pillar frames. They are under a meter high at the moment. Do l prune back to a strong bud which will give me the spurt of growth l want for her to reach full growth height?

    1. Hi Ros … I would possibly have expected more than 1 metre of growth in a season … however, you seem to have had lots of blooms so NAHEMA has balanced out growth with massive blooming! There is plenty of sunshine??? And you have fertilized regularly??? If all the management is in place, I would suggest a light prune to, as you say, a strong bud, good dose of seaweed solution and fert and NAHEMA will reach the top of the posts this season … enjoy! Cheers

  2. Does this rose come in any other colour, bought one the other day and was a beautiful pale orange colour in bud. Is this a genuine nahema climber or have i been duped.

    1. There’s only ONE rose labelled NAHEMA and it is DEFINITELY NOT pale orange in colour!!! Where did you purchase the rose? Might I suggest you take it back and ask for a refund or the right, pale-pink, very highly fragrant NAHEMA as a substitute for what you have. We stock beautiful specimens of this stunning rose and I would be more than happy to post you one or hold one until you can visit our Rose Farm … cheers, Diana

  3. I have recently planted a beautiful Nahema rose and wonder if you could give me any information about the stock that this lovely rose comes from, Its botanical classification or other closely related roses. Look forward to watching it grow!

    1. Hello … customers tell me they get a lot of information about the breeding history of particular roses from ‘helpmefind’ where you might also be assisted in getting information about the breeding background of NAHEMA … yes, a magnificent rose in the extreme! Very highly recommended rose and I wish you lots of pleasure in your rose garden … cheers … Diana

  4. Hi.
    Propose starting a new garden on a long west facing wall with a copse of banksia trees 10M to the west so it only gets 2-4 hours of direct sunlight though the site is fairly bright.
    I’m thinking of climbing roses to cover the wall (4M*10M Lg) My picks after a laymans research:
    Would be wonderful if Diana could cast an eye over this selection and comment.
    Kind regards – Denis

    1. Hi Denis … if you want a plethora of colour there for nearly 9 months of the year, why not plant a couple of them all except ANGEL FACE and we also don’t stock GOLDEN SHOWERS but would highly recommend GOLDEN CELEBRATION …

      PLANTING WOULD BE LIKE THIS: GOLDEN CELEBRATION IN CENTRE out to WOLLERTON OLD HALL either side out to BLUE MOON, CLB. either side out to LAMARQUE either side out to NAHEMA.

      Obviously, you don’t need that many roses but select from the above but drop one variety … hope this is helpful. Diana

  5. Hello there,
    Have managed to take a cutting from a 1.4 cm standard Nahema which is too tall for me to manage. What height can I expect from it on it’s own root please?

    1. are you quite sure that you have a STANDARD ROSE of NAHEMA???? We would NEVER recommend that … if you take a cutting then you can expect the rose to do exactly as it does if budded – grow to 2.5 metres tall and flower prolifically constantly throughout the flowering season … such a magnificent rose and definitely unsuitable for budding to a standard stem! Cheers … Diana

  6. I am thinking of planting a couple of NAHEMA roses to grow on both sides of a gate with trellis. Could you please tell me if they are wind and frost tolerant? I live on a few acres about 15kms from the township of Sunbury Vic.

    1. Hi Linda … thank you for your enquiry – we are way colder here at Clonbinane 60kms north of Melbourne CBD on the east side of the Hume Freeway down by the Sunday Creek … we grow a hedge-row of NAHEMA and it keeps us beautifully supplied with cut flowers for my kitchen bench … awesome rose and you’ll love it too! You can proceed with ordering at or give me a call on 5787 1123 soon … Diana

  7. Hi Diana, I have a wall roughly 3-4m wide. Is one Nahema enough for this wall or do I need a couple to fill the space? Many thanks, Rebecca

    1. Hi Rebecca … thank you for your enquiry … it really depends on how quickly you want the wall covered and how tall the space … I probably would recommend two plants spaced 1.2 metres apart (or evenly within the wall space) and have them gallop up and outwards (with a bit of help from you or perhaps some wire!) … this will be sensational provided there is good sun and good growing conditions with a bit of loving! Enjoy … Diana

  8. I live on Long Island, New York and if I am lucky enough to find and purchase this beautiful climber, do you think it would successfully grow here? I am able to give it plenty of sunshine. It’s a beauty.

  9. Here in Western Australia I am thinking of purchasing from you this lovely climbing rose – NAHEMA. However, because I am in a rental property, I would appreciate your thoughts on the probable success of climbing this rose on a 1.9m Garden Obelisk Climbing Plant Metal Arch Support above a plant pot container. Also what size pot would this rose require? Thank you.

    1. In our former garden at the Rose Café there is a magnificent specimen of NAHEMA in a 60cm diameter tub partially buried and it has an obelisk supporting it … a sight to behold! Unfortunately, I cannot post you any roses due to quarantine – you should be able to acquire this lovely rose in WA … best wishes – Diana

  10. Hi there,
    Will nahema grow in the sub tropics of Townsville? It gets very hot, very humid, very dry and the coolest weather is only around 10-15 degrees.
    I have an arch to cover; the ground is heavily shaded (cool roots) but the arch is up in 70-90% full sun throughout the year.
    If not nahema, would you suggest any other climber?


  11. Hi Diana,
    I have a Nahema growing on an arbor. I & was gifted with a “no name” potted rose that I now find by the way it is spilling out of the pot & looking to wander obviously is a climber. With no other space available I am wondering if I could possibly add it to the arbor without it being a problem to Nahema & if so how & where should it be planted? Any info would be appreciated. Many thanks for your help.

    1. Hello Dave … I would be adventurous and plant the rose on the arbour with NAHEMA but if, in the first season, you see the new rose starting to swamp NAHEMA which will reduce the number of flowers it produces, then get the no name rose out of there and pop it against a fence somewhere … it might be understock which is seriously rampant growth with a massive flowering burst in spring only. Diana

  12. Hi Diana

    We just planted two nahema climbing rose plants from Silkies at the front of our house. Sun hits around 12-1pm for a few hours. We are in Sydney. I have two questions.

    I wanted to check how often to water once first planted?

    Ive bought the plant maintenance ingredients (eco oil, eco rose and the eco seaweed) – which ill mix together and spray on the leaves monthly. Sorry this may seem like a silly question (im new to gardening). It says to mix in a 10L bucket. Do I spray the entire 10L between both plants?

    1. Hello … watering obviously depends on your local conditions – our rule here for watering is unless we’ve had 5mm of rain, we water all the pots – in the ground, every time you water, you must DEEP SOAK … you might only need to water once a week even in very hot weather!

      Glad you have the eco-products to keep your plants healthy – since you have minimal sun, you might incur issues with mildew on the foliage – you must NEVER water in the evening! Since you only have 2 plants, just make up 1 litre of spray!!! If you have fruit/vegetables, use the excess on those plants! Best wishes … Diana

  13. Hi Diana I live in Mt Beauty Vic and am looking for a climbing rose to grow over my arbor and pedestrian gate. I would prefer a pink rose and was wondering if Nahema would like it here given it can be very hot in summer but frosty in Winter.

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