MEG – Modern Climbing rose with large 10-petalled open blooms of soft salmon-apricot blooms continually


Bred by Gosset, UK, 1954 this very adaptable climbing rose demands attention with her large open blooms which display a bed of crimson stamens.

Meg may appear delicate but the plant is strong and vigorous with leathery, dark green leaves and very healthy.  The flowers are produced mainly in clusters throughout the summer and then in masses during the Autumn.

This climbing rose is very adaptable to many locations but looks particularly stunning against a creamy-white wall.  Ideal as a pillar rose and the thorns should be a consideration if planting over an archway!

  • Open blooms which display crimson stamens
  • Lovely salmon-apricot almost single blooms
  • Continual blooms – more profuse in the Autumn
  • Adaptable climbing rose for many situations

12 Replies to “MEG – Modern Climbing rose with large 10-petalled open blooms of soft salmon-apricot blooms continually”

    1. Beautiful MEG will be available again as a bare-rooted rose this winter for $18.50 per plant plus pack & post $21.50 … cheers

  1. Hello. I am a total novice when it comes to roses. In the winter I received as a gift “Meg”, a climbing rose, as a bare root plant. Not sure where to plant her permanently (as we will be doing renovations in 2017) so I put her in a 50cm pot. She flowered in the spring, but once those flowers finished (i cut off the dead flowers) she hasnt had any flowers or buds since, & its only December now – is that normal? Or what should I be doing?
    How long can she stay in the pot before I need to put her in the ground?
    Also, how wide/tall is “Meg” likely to be eventually, assuming I plant her against a fence or a wall, (I am thinking of a north facing spot, which will get sun all day with no shade, unless you have other suggestions, which are most welcome).
    Appreciate your help….Jann

    1. I suggest you should be fertilizing the potted specimen at least every 4-6 weeks and applications of seaweed solution over the plant at least every fortnight and it will flower robustly again soon – once MEG goes in the ground you can expect growth to at least 2.5 metres tall and wide – the north facing location is perfect! Enjoy this magnificent rose … Diana

  2. Hope someone can help! We bought the beautiful Meg rose in December. We followed the instructions perfectly and we received beautiful flowers about twice and nothing since. We have tried everything she is growing still but we just keep getting blind shoots. What are we doing wrong?

    1. Hi … you’re doing nothing WRONG … MEG is getting herself organised with lots of growth which I hope you’re not pruning ??? Please don’t! Also, don’t be anxious as she will flower beautifully this spring onwards … a climbing rose needs lots of foliage to ensure good flowering – you have offered the rose all the goodies necessary for growth and flowering. Best wishes … Diana

      1. Thanks Diana, Also the garden is shallow there is a hard sand bank about a foot down will that be a problem. I was wondering if we needed to replant into a very large pot?

        1. Oooi, that sand bank could be an issue … why not give MEG another year in that location and if you’re still unhappy with her performance, pop her into a very large tub – just that watering then becomes an issue! Any rose growing in a tub needs DAILY WATERING … cheers … Diana

  3. Hello,
    Will the Meg rose grow in Denver, Colorado, USA? We are zone 5. High plains, fairly dry climate. Do you ship to the USA?


    1. Hi Brenda … I’m not sure how your Zones work but I have been in Denver and I guess, yes, the rose will grow – do you grow other roses? If so, there’s absolutely no reason why MEG wouldn’t grow well for you! The only lead I have for supply of the rose is perhaps THE ANTIQUE ROSE EMPORIUM at Brennan in Texas – I definitely think you can acquire the rose and it is such a magnificent rose, any trouble you go to finding it, will be well rewarded! I cannot post one to you … quarantine restrictions! Best wishes … Diana

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