MAURICE UTRILLO – Floribunda/modern shrub rose bright red, brilliantly contrasted by vibrant slashes of yellow and cream … stunning in the supreme


Introduced by Delbard in 2003 it is this rose that I can lay the blame for my passion and love of the striped roses.  I previously deplored the striped roses but had planted two standards of Maurice in the nature-strip garden bed which I had to walk past every morning.  The extreme difference in each bloom attracted my attention and more and more I came to enjoy the beauty in the craziness!

And then there was more … this rose was never shy to show off the flowers and the dark, dark green foliage was abundant, fresh and never diseased.  I started to fall in love and my passion for this rose will never wane.

Maurice Utrillo is one of the Delbard Great French Impressionist Painters series – honest, naïve yet passionate style and this glorious rose is all of that, from budburst through to the full, voluptuous and generous mature bloom.

Ideally suited to budding to a standard understock, Maurice Utrillo would make you want to waltz to the front door if it was planted along the path to your house!

  • Stunning colour blend of bright red and creamy yellow
  • Awesome health and vigour
  • Seriously free flowering
  • A crazy, beautiful rose!

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