MARGARET MERRIL – Floribunda rose of the most pure white and perfect petal formation


Raised by Harkness, UK, 1977 this glorious rose makes an outstanding addition to the rose garden producing the most perfectly formed, purest white blooms which, when opened, reveal a bed of dark crimson stamens which attract the bees!

Margaret Merril has very distinct dark green foliage which is serrated at the edges and the foliage is wonderfully healthy and makes a beautiful foil for the sometimes single and sometimes clusters of perfect blooms.  The flowers last well in a vase and the fragrance is unforgettable – sweet and intense old-rose perfume.

The bush is a lovely rounded shape and very low maintenance with flowers produced throughout the season in abundance.

  • Purest white floribunda
  • Magnificent intense fragrance
  • Dark green serrated foliage
  • Extremely healthy bush to 1.2mtrs

10 Replies to “MARGARET MERRIL – Floribunda rose of the most pure white and perfect petal formation”

  1. I am trying to pick a white rose that has strong vigorous growing characteristics like the Merrill
    and I would like it to be 48 to 60 inches in height but every time I read a different height
    could you tell me what to expect this road to top out at.

    Thank you very much, Les

    1. By constantly picking the flowers, you could keep the rose to within your specified height range … in metric, I always describe MARGARET MERRIL at around 1 – 1.2 metres tall and a lovely wide open bush to around the same. Gorgeous rose .. very highly recommended for health and fragrance!

  2. I have had a Margaret Merril rose for donkey’s years and it has never done well. It has only ever had one main stem, though another stem did break through but unfortunately it got trodden on when I was having my small garden altered and broke off. It gets a fair amount of sun, though it is not in the sunniest spot. Most of the shrubs, etc. in that area are crowded out with blessed violets. I have made an effort to feed my roses as much as possible and others do well, even with a certain amount of neglect. I don’t know where I purchased it. Can you give me advice, please.

    1. To prove what a wonderful rose MARGARET MERRIL is, remove all the violets around the base of the plant, trim bushes around it so that it gets good circulation, water with seaweed solution once a week for the next 6 weeks and I’ll bet you it starts to perform – such a magnificent rose! You could also dig it up, pop it in a pot and give it all the TLC then replant in a nice sunny location when its growing well … cheers

      1. In the run up to last Christmas and the foul weather we had for weeks and weeks in the UK, I am ashamed to say that I forgot I posted a request for advice on my Margaret Merril rose. So, I thank you for coming back to me with your advice. It so happens that I have had a blitz on the violets in my garden (years back in London they just would not grow for me, whereas where I am now they go bananas). I have fed the Margaret Merril and I see that there is something new coming up out of the ground which I hope is a shoot and not a sucker. It’s very sandy soil where I am and I tried beefing it up last year with bags of well-rotted manure which may also have helped. Great stuff manure.

        1. Good on you … a good fertilizer goes a long way with roses! A bit of TLC makes such a difference … enjoy! Diana

  3. I just purchased a bare root margret merril about a month ago. Even with my son falling on it forcing me to do some heavy pruning I already have 4 buds forming! Lovely easy rose❤️

  4. I live in North Houston, Texas. Here the weather is hot & hummed in summer, fall rainy and winter sometimes snowy. I have 4 plants that I bought at Lowes. My plants had made thru the snow and in spring I had used Jobs organic fertilizer for roses and flowers and the plants are looking so good. They went to complete defoliation with the black spot disease, so pruned them and I added fertilizer and they came back so fast. Now Here is mid October and my Margaret Merril. Are full of roses. I always. What I had noticed is that in the summer I do not put water in 2 of them because they are in the garden area and the pots get soak from the sprinklers so I am think that the plant do not like to be watered directly from the can neither with dripper as the others 2 were watered and did not do well until I caught the issue. I will see if the flower in winter. If I am not wrong the past winter they flowered. I will post again.

    1. Yes, I know the weather in Houston well – was there is 1990 for five weeks and you are very challenged! I still believe you can manage without massive amounts of chemical spraying – seek out the most eco-friendly products for use on your roses … feeding and pruning are essential! Cheers – Diana

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