GLAMIS CASTLE – David Austin shrub rose released in the early years of the development of these wonderful roses

Raised by David Austin, UK, 1992 by a crossing of two magnificent roses in the English Roses series: Graham Thomas x Mary Rose and this beautiful rose possesses great qualities from both parents – the lovely cupped shape from the father Graham and massive petal formation and fragrance from the mother, Mary. One might ask, how do you get a nearly pure white rose from yellow and pink parents? … Oh, the mystery of the roses!


Glamis Castle has small clusters of pure white, highly myrrh fragrant blooms with clotted creamy centres as the blooms first open. To really enjoy the magnificent perfume this rose exudes, a cluster planting of three or more plants is ideal – the shrub can be a bit leggy so the plants would support each other in this situation.

This rose excels in the hottest of weather and although it still performs exceedingly well in the wet and cool climate, it may need a bit of TLC as it can succumb to powdery mildew in extreme conditions.

  • Highly myrrh fragrant rose
  • Ideally planted in a group
  • Performs in all weather but loves a bit of TLC
  • One of the best white English Roses


The generally sunny, dry and hot conditions of the Australian garden are particularly well suited to planting roses and roses flourish in our gardens when you take measures to provide the following:

WATER – Roses are very deep rooted plants and require one good, deep soaking at least every 10 days in hot and dry conditions.

FEED – Because roses flower throughout all but the Winter season, they should be regularly fertilized with quality (preferably organic) fertilizer which contains a balance of major nutrients (NPK) and trace elements. The fertilizer should be applied at least once a month – small amount often – with fortnightly applications of liquid seaweed over the foliage.

PRUNE – During Winter, 70% of the rose plant should be pruned and all old wood removed back to the crown and the bush pruned to shape.
During the flowering seasons, 25% of all flowering stems should be cut back after flowering to encourage strong re-growth.

MULCH – Particular attention to application of lucerne or pea straw directly around the root-zone of each rose will enhance the overall health of the rose and then the whole bed should be mulched to 75mm with any other mulch medium available.

4 Replies to “GLAMIS CASTLE – David Austin shrub rose released in the early years of the development of these wonderful roses”

  1. Dear sir
    Many years ago i had a double white climbing rose purchased from Glamis Castle Gardens. When I moved house the rose was left behind
    I would like to purchase another one but have not been able to contact Glamis for information on where i could now purchase one
    Could you possibly advise me where i mignt be able to get a replacement?
    In addition this rose is to climb over a pergola I would appreciate your suggestions for another rose that would complement this one and climb on the same pergola

    Many thanks
    Neil Carruthers

    1. Hello Neil … I think two of the most spectacular DAVID AUSTIN ENGLISH ROSES would be perfect for you … CLAIRE AUSTIN pure white, double, highly fragrant and THE WEDGEWOOD ROSE – palest pink, fragrant, lovely form! You can acquire these roses directly from DAVID AUSTIN ROSES, UK … assuming you are from the UK ??? I have them in my online store: … best wishes – Diana

  2. why does David Austin no longer sell this rose? Was there something weak that reared its head that he no longer sells on his website?

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