10 Best Climbing Roses


So, you want to clothe a rose arch with beautiful roses to create a romantic pleasure in your garden … just a few small issues before we start to select the right rose for your location – think about your priorities relative to colour, fragrance, type of rose flower, etc. and then, how big is the arch? To enable you to enjoy many years of joy from this flowering spectacle in your garden, it is imperative that you select the right rose to suit the size of your arch and we recommend the walkway be around 2 metres wide so that two people can walk comfortably abreast and not be ‘caught’ by the roses – small, flimsy arches are totally inadequate for most roses … the rose will be there for more than 20 years and deserves a structure that will support it!

Then you come to deciding on the colour – here are a few of my recommendations in each different colour range …

PALE PINK – ‘NAHEMA – Highly, highly fragrant large flowers continually with lots of canes and mid-green healthy foliage

MID-PINK ‘PINKIE – One of the most floriferous climbing roses with thornless canes and dense, lush green, healthy foliage

DARK PINK ‘GUY SAVOY – My ‘happy, smiling rose’ … large blooms with slashes of white through the dark pink – highly recommended rose!

DARK RED ‘GUINEA – Darkest red, fragrant and totally free-flowering rose suitable for climbing over an arch

RED-RED ‘SYMPATHIE – Very free flowering and very healthy with medium sized blooms in clusters


CRIMSON ‘DORTMUND – The healthiest foliage graces the abundant single blooms and great Autumn hip production


LEMON-WHITE ‘LAMARQUE – Lemon centred pure white blooms over a long season – fragrant and glorious mid-green healthy foliage

BLUSH-WHITE ‘SEA FOAM – Amazingly prolific rose producing clusters of flat blooms with masses of petals – glossy dark green foliage

PURE WHITE ‘ICEBERG – Very prolific blooming throughout the season with mid-green, healthy foliage

MAUVE ‘BLUE MOON – Free-flowering, highly fragrant perfect blooms continually

DARK MAUVE ‘RHAPSODY-IN-BLUE – Stunning fragrant blooms with yellow stamens – exceedingly healthy and free-flowering

YELLOW ‘GOLD BUNNY – The first and last with flowers and flowers throughout the season too! Stunning yellow climbing rose!

GOLD ‘GOLDEN CELEBRATION – Luscious large blooms with high fragrance bloom freely throughout the season

GOLD-RED ‘JOSEPH’S COAT – Masses of blooms throughout the season – eye-catching magnificence!

ORANGE ‘WESTERLAND – Fragrant blooms continually with shiny dark green, very healthy foliage

APRICOT ‘CREPUSCULE – Massive clusters of blooms continually throughout the season – lush healthy foliage

APRICOT-PINK ‘ABRAHAM DARBY – One of the most beautiful, charming and fragrant climbing roses flowering throughout the season

Above are just some of the many magnificent climbers which are suitable for an arch in your garden.


CREPUSCULE – Apricot clusters continually

RENAE – Pale pink clusters of highly fragrant blooms continually

PINKIE – Mid-pink clusters continually

ICEBERG – Pure white medium blooms continually

MME. ALFRED CARRIERE – Blush white – first and last to bloom, highly fragrant – suited to planting with clematis

VEILCHENBLAU – Dark purple rambler flowering only in Spring

PILLAR ROSES which are suitable for climbing on fences or walls – these roses reach a certain height and have a fan-like growth habit:

DUBLIN BAY – The most free-flowering pillar rose with glowing red, lightly fragrant blooms continually – extremely healthy!

HIGH HOPES – Mid-pink perfectly shaped blooms continually throughout the season – light fragrance – suitable for the vase

PIERRE DE RONSARD – Heavily petalled cream with pink edged blooms throughout the season

TEASING GEORGIA – Clotted-creamy yellow/apricot blooms in flushes of pure magnificence splayed on a wall!

ALTISSIMO – Bright red, single blooms with yellow stamens – a real ‘in-your-face’ spectacle in the rose garden

TWILIGHT GLOW – Huge pale apricot blooms continually with luscious mid-green very healthy foliage

CYMBELINE – Highly, highly fragrant blooms with swirling mass of grey-pink blooms throughout the season

RAMBLING ROSES – many of which mostly only flower in the Spring with light flowering in the Autumn but deserve a place where space permits because for six weeks you will experience the pure bliss and romance of magnificence which only the rambling roses can deliver:

ALBERTINE – Swirled mass of pinky-apricot blooms in proliferation on a thorny, healthy and rampant rose

MME. GREGOIRE STAECHLIN – Highly fragrant, mid-pink waved petalled blooms of extraordinary beauty – great hips in the Autumn

VEILCHENBLAU – Dark mauve clusters with yellow stamens adorn the rambler so that you can barely see the foliage

WEDDING DAY – Masses of pure-white single blooms in clusters – lush, glossy healthy foliage – thorny

MERMAID – Large, single cream blooms adorn this massive rambling rose spasmodically throughout the season – reverse hooked thorns

NEW DAWN – Pale-pin clusters of medium sized blooms continually throughout the flowering season – thorny beast

NANCY HAYWOOD – Single-petalled, dark-pink blooms reliably continual in good conditions – amazing sight in full bloom

LORRAINE LEE, CLG. – Muddy-pink roses flowering when every other rose is not flowering – tendency to mildew if cloistered!

And, of course, there are more climbing roses for you to consider which might be perfect for the location in your garden where you wish to plant a rose to protect your yard from intruders – use the most thorny! You want to screen the neighbours – use a rose which produces the most lush, healthy foliage! A shade screen for the dog-run … masses of flowers and healthy foliage all season!

To be successful in having the climbing rose do what you require it to do in your rose garden, I recommend you speak with us, Consulting Rosarians who we have the knowledge to ensure that you get exactly the right rose to suit your individual situation!

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  1. Hi,
    I have an old metal rim off a wagon wheel which I would like to plant a climbing rose around. I am going to place the rim between 2 posts and would like to create a rose circle. Could you please advise the best type of rose. Either red or white, fragrant if possible. I live on a property with red volcanic soil near Kingaroy Qld. Many thanks Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra … perhaps I emailed a response – if not, then take a look at LAMARQUE, SEA FOAM, MME ALFRED CARRIERE for whites and perhaps you might put BLACKBOY as a red ??? Lots of the red climbing roses have very rigid canes .. you want something really supple which you can bend through the structure ?? Hope this is helpful … cheers – Diana

  2. Hello, I’m in Brisbane and I have a horizontal wooden ladder rung looking structure as part of my backyard. Do you think I’ll be able to have some climbing roses wrapped around it or will the conditions be too harsh for them? Happy to include a picture but I cant seem to attach one here. Thank you! 🙂

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