ROSE RAMBLER 30.3.2017

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ROSE RAMBLER 30.03.2017 …

While we enjoy more beautiful weather to welcome our dear Rose Friends at the end of the first month of autumn, we send our loving thoughts to gardeners who have lived through CYCLONE DEBBIE … please let us gift you a rose when you re-establish your garden!

What a glorious season it has been – we now enter one of the busiest months of our nursery year with Art & Roses visitors on 8-9 April; then our annual pilgrimage to the Tesselaar Garden Expo on the weekend of 22-23 April where we put on our most spectacular flower show …

Particularly important this week is that you can now transfer your rose wish list to lock in a winter order for bare-rooted roses – the online store is now open and there is a surprise there for ONE WEEK ONLY!!!


Although ALI BABA is listed as a NEW RELEASE FOR 2017, we have had the pleasure of this glorious rose in our gardens for a few years – we wanted to test it prior to release and truly, really, you won’t find a more robustly healthy climbing rose in a dusty orange/apricot colour – more amazing is that this rose holds foliage throughout winter which can be a very prominent reason for having a climbing rose in a certain location – we are frequently asked for roses which retain winter foliage!
ALI BABA is stunning and very, very highly recommended …

Q. When should you buy a bird?  A. When it’s going CHEEP!  

We are also re-introducing MANY HAPPY RETURNS because it is an outstanding performer and has such an appropriate name when you need a GIFT ROSE for the person in your life who has absolutely everything … they will make space in their garden or in a large tub for this beauty which flowers and flowers on abundantly healthy foliage – if you forget to trim spent flowers in autumn, you’ll get the most spectacular show of red hips (seed pods) all the way through winter!


I read this recently:  “Insects and secateurs can transmit rose mosaic virus from rose to rose. (see below pic – irregular mottled yellow markings on rose foliage).

Research conducted at the Universities of Washington State and 3 other USA Universities with funding from the American Rose Society have TOTALLY DISPROVED THIS THEORY.”

Lots of customers tell us they wipe their secateurs with bleach and other petro-chemical mediums whilst pruning … DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME or potentially cause your roses the grief of dealing with wounds affected by these chemicals!

By all means, keep your secateurs clean and sharp but be quite confident that no disease will be spread by pruning your roses and if you read such information and are not quite sure, please shoot me an email so that I can reassure you of the FACTS!

Hope you’ve been planting lots of bulbs – I’m having a ball planting mine and I know we’ll have a most spectacular spring garden again this year!  Don’t you just love the excitement of gardening?  I truly enjoy it all … Graham


It’s such a delight to read emails like this one:

“FYI…. we were all amazed at the lovely packaging, and info with the rose.  My mother and I have always been “into” roses, so she would definitely have appreciated it… I will enjoy watching it grow.   The stem is nice and strong, quite small leaves, which I suppose it just that style of rose? I will definitely keep you in mind again for sending presents like that to other friends!”

Potted GIFT ROSES will continue to be available in the online store even though we are now open for winter orders which are listed as BARE-ROOTED ROSES

If you’re confused or need to speak with a ‘real person’ to sort your order for this winter, please don’t hesitate calling the nursery on our open days:  FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY & MONDAY from 9 – 4 but please understand that we have one phone line  03 5787 1123 – yes, there is a mobile phone too but I can only answer one phone at a time … please be patient!

Know that I will ALWAYS answer your email enquiries promptly – we can even plan and design a rose garden together via email – it’s fun!

Hope you’ve got yourself organised to come and visit during the Art & Roses weekend on 8th and 9th April … see you soon at Clonbinane – Diana & Graham

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