ROSE RAMBLER 22.3.2018


ROSE RAMBLER: 22nd March 2018

Hello dear rose friends and a HUGE THANK YOU for placing orders for winter in the first few days of our online store opening for bare-rooted orders; a special thank you to those who found a few ‘glitches’ and emailed to let us and our IT team know what was happening!

If you have concerns or issues with ordering roses for this winter, please don’t hesitate to email: and remember, you can still order POTTED ROSES to be posted anytime NOW.  Here’s a picture of SOUL MATE which was posted last week as a GIFT ROSE 

The roses look sensational and are flowering beautifully so if you prefer to plant your roses in autumn while the soil is still warm and conditions prevail to ensure the roses settle well, you’ll give them a light winter prune and have magnificent established plants flowering in Spring this year.

We always recommend:  DO NOT COMPROMISE!  If a certain variety isn’t available NOW, don’t buy just any rose because you adamantly wish to plant NOW!  Please wait until the varieties you’ve researched and pined for are available in winter … it’s not that long before you’ll be planting – just 8 – 12 weeks away, depending on variety!

Worth waiting for, I assure you!


When an order comes in, I ALWAYS respond immediately even thought the computer generates an automated response!

Here’s typical dialogue with our customers:

Hello Lyndell … thank you for your order.  What a beaut selection of varieties!!!  I’ll contact you prior to posting the roses so you know to expect them … meantime, get digging and dunging!  CheersLyndell responded:  Ha ha  ….  every intension of digging and dunging.   What do you recommend?   Cow, sheep, horse?   We are making a whole new rose bed so glad we have a few months to get it all ready to plant – can’t wait.

So I responded:   EVERY LITTLE BIT OF ANY KIND because you’ve got lots of time to have it all rot down into a PERFECT blend for roses!  Be sure to water over the entire garden bed with seaweed solution every say, week or two and keep the entire area nice and moist so the worms come up and do all the back-breaking work of aerating the soil!!!  They’re the army you want onside but you have to make it irresistible enough for worms to come and work for YOU!  Enjoy the preparation because I just know you will DEFINITELY enjoy the rewards of magnificent roses for many years – especially since you’re doing all this beaut preparation!!!  Cheers … Diana


With the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show on this week, I hope you stop in and take a look at the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria hanging basket competition – Silkies Rose Farm are represented with a magnificent basket of PURPLE RAIN

and do stop in and say hello to Steve and the crew at Organic Crop Protectants stand B23 – they have great show specials on all the organic rose-management products so you can pick up a bargain!

Q.  What do you call a flying policeman?  A. A heli-copper.

Hi Diana and Graham  – You didn’t mention what time of day the “Eco-Organic Management Program” should be applied – in the morning at watering time (seems sensible but maybe not advised because of the oil) or in the evening?  Please let us know! Thanks and Regards – Sue 

MY RESPONSE … Sorry … sometimes I forget that there are ‘new subscribers’ every day and I should repeat myself constantly – most especially on this VERY IMPORTANT aspect of rose management – yes preferred in the morning when the stomata (pores) is open and NEVER when temperatures expected to exceed 28-30 degrees.  If it suits you best to do the program in the evening because of work commitments, it’s better than not doing it but you do run a risk of having damp foliage overnight!  Hope this is helpful … cheers  … GRAHAM 

Q.  Did you hear about the two antennas that got married?  A. The wedding ceremony wasn’t too good, but the reception was great!  


It is the fragrance of the rose that above all, has been responsible for its enduring popularity throughout the Ages.

Rose scent, which is carried largely in the petals (though sometimes in the stamens) of the flower, is emitted into the air most strongly when the growth of the flower and the atmospheric conditions are perfectly aligned.

Often, on warm days, it’s a good idea to smell a rose then come back to it an hour or so later to give that ‘double-whammy’ effect.  Rose perfume goes straight to your brain!

Customers in the nursery yesterday … she said:  “He can never smell a rose when I know it has an amazing fragrance” … he said:  “She cannot smell any of the roses which I like”.  Very challenging so I picked up the jar of instant coffee and asked him to take a sniff of the coffee and then stick his nose into the rose which she thought was so lovely.

You won’t believe me I guess but he turned around, AMAZED that YES, he could indeed smell the most beautiful fragrance.  Obviously, to reinforce and prove my point, I asked her to take a whiff of the instant coffee then smell the rose which HE thought had magnificent perfume … You’re right, she was stunned that she could smell exactly what he could!!!

YOU MUST CLEAR THE OLFACTORY GLAND CONSTANTLY WHEN TESTING FOR FRAGRANCE and coffee beans/grounds or a tea bag are handy accompaniments when next visiting a rose garden to experience the true fragrance of roses!

It is my experience that people remember the perfume of a particular rose from 30 to 40 years ago – such is the power of our senses and for a truly sensational experience of rose fragrance, stick your nose into

All the above roses are available for planting in your garden NOW …

We might bump into you wandering down the aisles at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show … enjoy Melbourne and wherever you are during this magnificent autumn!

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