ROSE RAMBLER 02.11.2017 …

Hello dear rose friends as this month throughout Victoria heralds the start of our flowering season and we’re flowering magnificently here at Clonbinane.  After the most amazingly freezing cold winter our roses have bolted – glorious healthy foliage and early-flowering specimens heralding the joy of what we can expect to see in coming weeks.


I’m not a gambler but I would bet this season promises to be one of the BEST SEASONS in many years of rose growing … the flowers are HUGE and if it isn’t windy, the fragrance is HUGE too!
Q. Why do witches ride on brooms?  A. Because vacuum cleaners are too expensive!
I’m ever so glad I elected to find an organic alternative to rose management when we first started growing roses – here’s an email exchange you might enjoy after Fiona ordered the organic rose management pack at www.rosesalesonline.com.au and we confirmed her order and offered advice should she need it … 

“Thanks, Diana and Graham – I have over 50 roses and 2 small children, so am really hoping an organic program will work to keep the aphids at bay without being too toxic for the family.  We are on a farm with Lucerne near the house and I think between the Lucerne and the roses, the aphids think they have found heaven!  It will just be a matter of making the time to do the regular spraying”  – Peter and Fiona”

My response:  You know what Fiona … I’m in exactly the same kind of location as you with paddocks and grasses all around the rose gardens!  I was out mowing lawns tonight … I don’t think I needed to eat when I came in for dinner as I reckon I ingested so many bugs – I’m told they’re jassids/leafhoppers rather than ‘whitefly’ (which would potentially cause massive issues on rose plants in the nursery!!!).     Out in the gardens, we have a mega army of workers eating everything … our birds are amazing and I feel I would deprive them of delicious dining if I was to spray the gardens … obviously, we have to keep the potted roses ‘clean’ so we spray regularly in the nursery!     There is absolutely NOTHING TOXIC in the OCP products which we promote and have used in our rose growing for more than 28 years!  We’ve only been growing roses for 31 years and decided that if we had to use all the lethal cocktails of chemicals to grow roses then we wouldn’t grow them … that sent us on a journey of exploring the possibilities and introduced us to many wonderful people who shared our passion to work WITH MOTHER NATURE.     It’s been a joy to share our experience with many, many rose gardeners who happily grow beautiful roses who accept the fact that sometimes after a magnificent flowering, rose foliage gets black-spot and defoliation might follow.  With a quick prune, quality fertilizer and deep-soaking watering the rose will continue flowering!   I’m so glad you’re purchasing the organic rose management products we use and highly recommend – you’ll show your kids the beauty of ladybirds mating and feasting on aphids in your healthy garden!

More information from an email exchange:“Dear Diana and Graham, I bought NAHEMA and RENAE from you last winter and both are looking good. NAHEMA has shot up the fence to the trellis (1 metre off the ground), and I’ve trained her two leading canes sideways along the base of the trellis. Both canes now have several big fat buds which will pop soon. I can’t wait. She has a ‘water shoot’ growing from the base right next to one of the leading canes. Do I remove it from the base, or do I let this grow up to become another leading cane?”

LEAVE ALL ‘WATERSHOOTS’ WHICH DEVELOP ON ALL ROSES BECAUSE THEY BECOME THE VITAL NEW GROWTHS TO GIVE YOU LOTS OF FLOWERS AND IT IS THIS NEW GROWTH WHICH SUSTAINS YOUR ROSES FOR YEARS AND YEARS – PRUNE OUT THE OLD ‘WATERSHOOTS’ IN FAVOUR OF THE NEW ONES AND YOUR ROSES WILL CONTINUE TO FLOURISH AND FLOWER! RENAE has sat quietly muttering to herself all winter. She now has suddenly decided that life is good, and has sent out a number of fresh new shoots. I remember you (or someone) said of climbers: ‘The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, the third year they leap’. RENAE is just waking up, but she’ll be a beauty by year three.

I’m hoping to come out to Clonbinane shortly to see all your roses in their glory.”
Thank you for introducing me to Nahema and Renae. I’m enjoying them both already — and that’s before they flower! Happy gardening, Stefanie


The STATE ROSE & GARDEN SHOW is just around the corner so a magnificent display is assured.  Don’t miss their 5th year! 

11th & 12th November 2017, open 10am – 4pm Victoria State Rose Garden   Gate 2, K Road, Werribee South VIC

Visit www.vicstaterosegarden.com.au for more information.

A joke in closing this week …
Q. Which room do ghost houses never have?  A. THE LIVING ROOM!  
Enjoy all the glory of your roses flowering now … if you need advice please email your questions to: info@rosesalesonline.com.au and we promise a response within 24 hours.
Come for a drive to Clonbinane soon … cheers from MOOI who knows the value of a mulched garden!
Cheers from us all here at SILKIES ROSE FARM, Clonbinane

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